Wrap It Up

11th March, 2019. 10:40am

HSM 2 What Time Is It gif

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Well here we are, the end of the road for Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration. This was supposed to be yesterday’s assignment but I was feeling extra lazy (yeah, lazier than Saturday) so I didn’t do it until today. I was actually supposed to be working right now but since I’m still waiting for my client’s reply, I decided to just do it now or else I wouldn’t find any more strength and will to do the final assignment. Continue reading

Sweet but Psycho

09th March, 2019. 12:50pm

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I’m really not in the mood to do the assignment today because, 1. I didn’t interview anyone like the last time I did with my blog post “Tiny Poem“, and 2. I haven’t really read anything for the past year (books or blogs) so I definitely don’t have any blogs to share. 3. I’m also bored with sharing more songs because where’s the fun in repeating what I’ve done before, right? 4. I’m not in the mood to check the #everydayinspiration tag because it’s a Saturday and I’m usually super lazy on weekends; 5. I don’t wanna force myself to write crap when I know for sure I already am writing a crappy post right now and, finally, I don’t feel like going through my posts to tell y’all how amazing my writing is because eww? Self-centered much? So, all that boring bullshit aside, allow me to just share a note I wrote last February 21:

Sweet but Psycho

21 February, 2019. 2:59am

Sometimes I feel like I might be a psychopath, and it scares the shit out of me.

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The Dance Class.

08th March 2019. 12:35pm

Dance Class

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I failed this assignment so hard the last time I had to do this. We were supposed to write a blog post in a series of vignettes/anecdotes, but I failed to achieve that in my blog entry “In the Maze.” I didn’t understand how the assignment was supposed to go, or even what anecdote writing was about. Anecdote writing was supposed to be a story about a real incident or event, which the Commons failed to mention **yes, WordPress, I partly blame you for that failure. Although I fucked it up the first time, I still think I wrote a pretty decent story, and am so glad I was given the chance to do it all again. This time, I decided to use that failed assignment as an inspiration to build my vignettes and anecdotes on. I based my assignment today on my past experiences as a dancer, because I realized how I eventually understand other people when it was my turn to take their position. I hope I nail it this time. Continue reading

7th Avenue

07th March, 2019. 11:35am

Jay Robin Brown No Place To Fall

I was supposed to embed the map to our house but, yeah, no. Not a chance. Photo c/o: TheYoungFolks.com


I thought long and hard about how to attack today’s assignment but then after seeing all the examples they provided, I really don’t wanna do any of that. I mean, do I really wanna bore you all with instructions how to get here or someplace else and pretend I care about that particular place? No. I don’t think you would like that either. Besides, I’m not gonna broadcast where I live or where I frequent just for the sake of this blog post. Continue reading

Save As Draft…

06th March, 2019. 11:55am

For today’s assignment, I thought I was gonna use one of my old tweets but then the instructions also suggested to look into our Draft section, so I did. That was when I found this post. Remember my post Righting A Wrong, wherein I recreated a single day in a blog post? Well, it was actually derived from a true story, and I wrote this two years ago when I was still confused af as to what I’m doing. The instructions for the assignment was to “dig through (your) online treasures and build upon old stories and existing writing” and, unlike the last time where I talked about an old Facebook status and how we have to learn to curb our tongue and not air our dirty laundry on social media, today I simply wanted to share the actual post I wrote and never got to publish… until now.

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