I write because…

07th September, 2015. 01:10pm

Writing 101, Day 1: I write because . . .

Today, tell us: why do you write?
Set a timer and free-write for 15 or 30 minutes without stopping. Begin your post with “I write because . . . ” or start it any other way you wish.

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Photo c/o: ztkobayashi.tumblr.com

There are so many ways I could answer this question; I write because it’s my job; I write because it keeps me from going insane; I write because I love writing in general; I write just because… but if I’m to dig deep into my heart, I guess the main reason I write is because most of the time, my mouth fails to deliver what I wanted to say.

I guess you know what I mean. At least, that’s the hope. You know those times when you just don’t know how to express what you want to say, but you know for sure what to tell them? No, it’s not that your brain is scattered or that you’re drawing blank; you know exactly what to say, you just don’t know how to say it. That is exactly (one) the reason why I write—I write because I can’t speak.

Oftentimes, I find myself curbing my tongue over something I wanted to say. Not for the fear of hurting someone with words, but because of those times, I actually can’t find the right way to tell people what’s on my mind. By writing it out, on the other hand, pouring my heart out using a pen and paper is like breathing; it flows in and out of me automatically.

I’m here because, like I said in my previous blog posts, blogging makes me feel connected. I know I have been MIA lately because of my very busy schedule, but keeping this blog, and knowing that it’s always here to hear me out when no one else is available makes me feel happy. I don’t know if someone out there truly cares about what I write, but the fact that I have a blog that I can write on any time I need and want to reminds me that I have a virtual friend who’s ready to hear me out.



13 thoughts on “I write because…

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  2. Love this: ‘I write is because most of the time, my mouth fails to deliver what I wanted to say.’ so true for me as well. I’m glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know you. I also love the design of your blog.

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    • Thank you! I think all of us, despite having what we call the “freedom of speech”, seems to have some trouble expressing our thoughts through words. I’m glad someone else can relate (a lot of someone else’s). And it’s nice to meet you, too!



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