27th August, 2015. 11:10pm

Hey, guys! Just wanted to check in with y’all and hoping your days are going great. This week for me has so far been very busy, and it started last Saturday. I’ve been in rehearsal 3x this week because we’re on a deadline, plus I also have been busy trying to catch up with work. Because I’ve been so busy, I wasn’t able to do my NaBloPoMo assignments, but I am planning (hoping) to go over it this coming Saturday, as rehearsals were cancelled for the weekend. Also, I need to catch up on my sleep, because I have been sleep deprived for the last four days.

Yesterday, I started re-watching Once Upon a Time and found myself mouthing the lines while watching it. I’m not obsessed. At least I don’t think I am. I just really love it so much that I have seen every episode probably about a hundred times already. **Okay, I’m exaggerating. Maybe just about 20x per episode. 🙂

I hope you all are doing great. Hope to get back to writing soon!




5 thoughts on “Hey…

    • You should. I’m really enjoying my rewatch, even though I’m going at it slower than I should have. It’s fascinating to discover things I looked over before. Plus, rewatching older episodes give its preceding episodes much more sense. I’m only on 2nd season right now but I’ve already found out a lot things. I just hope I can catch up with all episodes before the season 5 premier on Sept. 27

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        • I know, I try to watch as many episodes as I can everyday, but I’ve only gone through 9 episodes in season 2 so far. Worse part is I have work to do five times a week, dance classes 3x a week including Saturdays, and other TV shows to binge watch before September ends. Someone kindly slip me a poisoned apple and put me out of my misery and wake me up when September ends.😂😩

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          • Of course you gotta work lol. Don’t watch it that it becomes a drag, watch while u enjoy;) actually my husband does same and i ask him to slow down a bit too as we end up ignoring kids and just calling delivery food lol

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