What’s in a Song: Bon Appétit by Katy Perry

29th May, 2017. 4:30pm

bon appetit katy perry cherry pie

Look, I love Katy Perry and I don’t have a problem with changing things up. However, her latest single “Bon Appétit” is just downright horrible. I was uncomfortable watching the video, especially after associating pies with Waitress. I felt disrespected. Continue reading


TV Review: 13 Lessons from Netflix’s ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

21st April, 2017. 3:52pm

13 reasons why hannah baker

Photo c/o: ibtimes.com

HEADS UP: If you haven’t seen and is planning to watch Thirteen Reasons Why or read the book, please proceed with caution. It contains spoilers.

Continue reading

It Only Takes A Taste

16th March, 2017. 3:49pm

Waitress Musical - Jenna and Dr. Pomatter It Only Takes A Taste

Photo c/o: Tumblr

We’ve all done it before. You know, doing something that we consciously know was essentially bad for us, yet we still do it anyway? Why do we do it even though we know, deep down, that we’re just setting ourselves up for a trap? Continue reading

Dear Jhack: Transfiguration

12th March, 2017. 09:27am

Dear Jhack,

Things are kind of chaotic right now but don’t worry, things will get better soon. Don’t lose hope just yet. You might not make it in time for Sara’s Broadway debut, but you will get there. Always remember that things happen for a reason. Don’t rush things. You asked God to guide you to the right path. He finally put you on that road. Walk through it slowly but surely. Don’t forget the lesson you’ve learned from today’s Homily: Continue reading

What’s in a Song: Waitress – The Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

02nd March, 2017. 1:39pm


Photo c/o: billboard.com

I KNOW. Save your judgements. I’ve been listening to Waitress: The Musical’s cast recording for THREE MONTHS straight now. It’s crazy, I know. While the rest of you are probably still so obsessed with everything Hamilton and probably frustrated because you still couldn’t get tickets to the show, here I am going gaga over this other musical that Hamilton was up against during its season. Don’t get me wrong, Hamilton deserves all the praises and awards they got but, I’m just saying, there are other musicals in their season that are just as great that also deserves some love. Waitress is one of those musicals, and that’s partly why I wrote this, so that you can understand why I love Waitress’ cast recording so much (and no, it’s not just because Sara Bareilles wrote the song and lyrics for the show). Continue reading