Late Post: Grenade.

09th January, 2021. 5:05am

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Date Written: 07th June, 2016. 1:39am

Sometimes I feel like a time bomb; anytime I would explode. I used to say that I’m so glad my patience level is off the charts but if I’m going to be completely honest right now, I just don’t know how long I can still keep my cool. Continue reading

Internal Monologue: Existence

28th September, 3:18pm

Villanelle Bored Killing Eve

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It’s one of those weird days again.

I don’t know. I just feel weird. Last evening I realized how little friends I have and that no one is probably gonna go to my funeral when I die. Like. Even if I die right now, no one will miss me. They will move on and get on with their lives just fine.

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The One

09th September, 2019. 2:56am

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How do you know when you’ve found ‘The One’? Was there any fireworks or orchestra and a choir singing “Hallelujah!” because you’ve finally found your soulmate? Or did it come quietly? Slipping through your heart and soul that you didn’t realize you’re falling in love until you’ve fallen deep and hard?

How did you know it was real love and you’re not actually having delusions? These days, I don’t know how I feel. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up #4

05th April, 2019. 10:30pm

Why is it, when we meet someone and we feel like we are already falling for this person, we always backtrack a bit when we realized we are about to jump off a cliff? Is it fear of the unknown, or what we’re getting ourselves in to?

Because this is exactly what’s going on with me these past few days for sure.

Last week, in my Weekly Wrap-Up #3, I sort of opened up about this guy that I’m currently into. Things actually are going great between us. So great that I started fearing for what lies ahead. Things went by so fast I don’t even remember when we first “met”. From the usual flirting, we went from casual to talking about the future. Our future. Which would’ve been nice and sweet… if we live in the same country. Continue reading