Dear Jhack: Transfiguration

12th March, 2017. 09:27am

Dear Jhack,

Things are kind of chaotic right now but don’t worry, things will get better soon. Don’t lose hope just yet. You might not make it in time for Sara’s Broadway debut, but you will get there. Always remember that things happen for a reason. Don’t rush things. You asked God to guide you to the right path. He finally put you on that road. Walk through it slowly but surely. Don’t forget the lesson you’ve learned from today’s Homily: Continue reading


Dear Jhack – 20th February 2017

20th February 2017. 11:34am

Dear Jhack,

Dad asked to borrow some money the moment you woke up but you refused because you know where it will go. You hated doing it, but you did because you want to teach him a lesson you know he will never learn. You also know it will just make him think you’re really selfish but you just don’t care anymore. Of everything that he’s done in the past few years, you’re just too numb to feel anything about what he says about you now. That’s a lie, of course, but you know what I mean; You’re used to it. Continue reading

Lea Salonga: Songs from the Stage (not a review) Review

(Written) 19th February, 2017. 2:53am.

Dear Lea,

I have a confession to make: I have not listened to your songs in a long time. Not because I don’t want to, but because I knew if I started doing it, it’d be harder for me to stop. I have been avoiding your songs for months now, but I’m glad I did. Watching you live again was like hearing your beautiful voice for the first time. Continue reading

Why YOU’RE Still Single. (No, seriously. Shut up and read)

14th February, 2017. 2:03pm

This is an answer to the Daily Prompt’s Seriousness and Expectation.


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Dear Jhack,

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re at home, working your ass off. You did not go out today because there’s no reason to, and also because you hate that the streets and restaurants are so crowded during this day. Valentine’s Day chaos never pleases you, even when you felt like you’re in love with someone at that moment. Remember one Valentine’s Day when you and your siblings went out on a date? It took you four fucking hours to find a restaurant to have a dinner at and you can’t find any because every other restaurants in town are full. You ended up at a pizza place because that’s the only one available at 12:30am. After that year, you and your siblings decided to skip Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

Dear America

13th February, 2017. 4:47pm

Meryl Streep speech TrumpDear America,

I know the situation in your country is so shitty right now, but I can’t help but wonder why there are so many people who keep telling celebrities and other well-known people to “stick to acting/singing.” Didn’t you realize they’re citizens, too? Continue reading