Remembering My Mom (Full Version)

What I’m sharing you is the full-length version of my article, “Remembering My Mom” (it was edited and trimmed down  for the magazine)

By: Jackielyn Ched Telan

Published: May 2005, MEG Magazine

Mom and J - 25th Wedding Anniv

Probably my last photo with Mom.
Taken in 2002 during Mom and Dad’s 25th Wedding Anniversary (a few months before she died)

“You can only get one mom.”  That’s what they said.

But what happens when the most important woman in your life is diagnosed with a fatal illness?  How does it feel to see the-one-who-gave-you-birth passed away?
Around thirteen years ago, I gave my mom my very first hand-made Christmas card.  It was our school project to make a card so during that time, I decided to give one for my mom, one for my dad, and one for each of my siblings—Ritchie and Queen.

Still figuring out how in the earth an eight-year old girl would do that, mom felt overwhelmed of what she had just received.  After that, I started giving her hand-made cards and little trinkets just because I felt like it.

I was one of the so-called “mommy’s girl” when I was just a little girl.  My relationship with my mom is really just an extraordinaire.  And even though my mom was always there for us, she never absent in her work.  She had never even used her ‘live’ ever.  Not a single day she did.  That’s how my mom values her work. Continue reading