JC 032016Hi y’all!

   Welcome to my silent sanctuary, which is actually where I blab about anything and everything under the sun. I usually publish blog entries about love, life, books, TV shows, and other things that interests me. This is also where I share my tiny poems and short stories that I have done either for pleasure or writing workshops.

   If you have been following me since the beginning, thank you for sticking up with my crazy ass. If you’re a new follower, then I hope I won’t bore you to death with my endless blurbs. I hope I’ll make your subscription worth its click through my posts. If you just bumped into this page because you’re looking for something on Google—a photo, a video, a link, a quote, whatever—I hope you’d find what you’re looking for, and please don’t be an asshole and just take things just because you found it online. I put URLs and redirects each photos and videos that doesn’t belong to me, and linked necessary sources that I found elsewhere, so please have the decency to give them credit as well. If you’re a friend, an acquaintance or family member who just happened to stumble on this online journal of mine, I’m not going to apologize for anything incriminating you might read here. It’s definitely not intended for you.

   My name is Jhack. I’m crazy. I’m sweet. I’m passionate. I’m loyal. I’m a bitch. I’m kind of anti-social. I’m not friendly. I’m not funny. And I have zero tolerance for bullshit and stupidity.

Welcome to When My Brain Farts.

  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.😉