Checking In

03rd September, 2020. 2:46am

This image has nothing to do with my post. Just my tired ass self before I head to dreamland.

Hi. How are you? The world has been in a wild rollercoaster ride this year so wherever you are, I hope that you are alive and well and so is your entire family and loved ones. I’m okay. I’m pretty banged up with work but what else is new? Other than that, me and my family are doing okay. I hope you are, too. Hang in there, okay? We will all get through this. Stay safe and healthy. Wear a mask, wash those goddamn hands, practice proper hygiene, and please, don’t be a dick.



Internal Monologue: Existence

28th September, 3:18pm

Villanelle Bored Killing Eve

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It’s one of those weird days again.

I don’t know. I just feel weird. Last evening I realized how little friends I have and that no one is probably gonna go to my funeral when I die. Like. Even if I die right now, no one will miss me. They will move on and get on with their lives just fine.

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Weekly Wrap-Up #5

12th April, 2019. 12:10pm

I gotta be honest, you guys. I got nothing much to say this week, except that things are still as colorful between me and my man. I mean… don’t you just love it when you’ve finally found someone who accepts you for who you are no matter how shitty you think about yourself, and you to him? How amazing is that? Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up #2

22nd March, 2019. 12:35pm

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Hey y’all! How is Friday weekend going over there? I hope you’re not feeling as lazy as I am right now. I can’t finish my work because I am just… so… fucking… sleepy. Continue reading