Sariling Atin

21st August, 2015. 10:50pm

NaBloPoMo, Friday, August 21, 2015

If you could be instantly fluent in another language, which one would you choose to know?


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When I saw this prompt, the two languages that came into mind were Italian and French. I’d love to learn how to speak Italian more, because when we were in Italy when our Dance Company attended a dance competition there, we were so unaware of what everyone was saying. Of course, we could speak English, but Italy is a country (at least at that time) where not everyone can speak nor understand the English language.  I remember a specific time when we were invited to sing at the church during mass. I should’ve known where the mass is going because I’m a Catholic and the mass is pretty much the same, but because of the language barrier, I found myself falling asleep during the entire time. It’s embarrassing, but it’s also true and because of that, I wanted to learn how to speak it.

Another language that came to mind was French and the reason is so simple: everything sounds so classy in French. Even the way they cuss sounds so lovely!

However, if I’m really going to choose one language I could be instantly fluent in, I’d choose our very own language. Not just the Filipino terms in general; I’m talking about all the dialects in our 7, 107 islands.

The Filipino subject has been in our curriculum from the moment we started going to school; we even had to take it in College for two years. Even though I speak the language, I don’t know if I could say I understand ALL the meaning of the language, especially those words that are deeper than the Pacific Ocean; words like Dalumat (concept), Haraya (imagination), or Pook-sapot (website). *Yes, I Googled them all.

See, that’s the thing. If I know they even existed and what they mean, I don’t even have to Google it. That’s why I wanna learn more.

The Filipino language is so rich and I may be biased but all those deep Filipino words sounded so lovely when uttered. I haven’t even gone through other dialects but it’d be nice to learn them, too!

I’m not the most patriotic Filipina, but if I’m to be fluent with a language, I’d better start with my motherland. That, I think, is the most important among any others.




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