Hi. Remember me? Yes, I’m still alive.

11th November, 2016. 1:16pm


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I know. It’s been years since I last updated my blog, and I’m so sorry. I’ve just really been so busy lately not only with work, but also with catching up with my TV shows, obsessing over new TV shows and movies and actors and actresses (**I’ll get to that later), and we also celebrated two different surprise parties in the family last April and September. But in case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to lately or what realm I was in these past few months, fret not. I’m still here and still alive. Barely surviving, but still very much alive. Continue reading

Jekyll and Hyde

17th May, 2016. 11:47am

Once Upon a Time 5x22 An Untold Story - Regina vs Evil Queen on the rooftopDo you know what it’s like to have your dark side wanting to come out so bad but you can’t because you don’t know what you’re capable of? How long can a person keep her cool before she unleashes her evil twin? How much pain and suffering can you endure ’til you say you’ve had enough?

We all have a dark side. That’s normal. No one is born pure evil or wholly good. The question is how far are you willing to go to get what you want. Continue reading

For the love of Dance, Game of Thrones, and All the Bright Places

29th January, 2016. 2:56pm

For the love of dance:

I’ve been off the blogosphere lately for this sole purpose – I was too busy finishing my choreography for our dance musical. Show isn’t until February 29th, but it’s times like these when you stopped playing nice and start to become everyone’s worst nightmare. I actually still have one dance and a half to finish, but I’d like to think that it wasn’t (entirely) my fault why the dance hasn’t finished yet. I love to dance, but I’m more protective of my actual roots Continue reading


09th November, 2015. 2:55pm

Writing 101, Poetry – Day 3: Sleep

It’s time to think deeply about sleep. Dive into the pool of night and let whatever it is you find there take poetic form. (I hope this prompt doesn’t make an insomniac out of you!)


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I love to sleep! I can go on a day sleeping for more than 8 hours, especially on a day when I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere (the longest I had was 18 hours), so I was excited to this prompt. I didn’t use specific poetic forms or device, at least none that I can remember (dreamland doesn’t want to let me go… Hahaha! Oh, wait, that’s not true). Anyway, here’s my share for the day: Continue reading

Man in the Mirror

08th November, 2015. 3:30pm

Writing 101, Poetry – Day 2: Reflections

Clear or distorted, in your poem today tell us something about the reflections you see — in the world or in yourself.

Mulan Reflection gif

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Today’s prompt is a better than yesterday. Either that or I’m just in the mood to write this afternoon than yesterday. When I first read about the assignment, the first thing that comes to mind is Regina from Once Upon a Time because, well in case you don’t know, she plays the Evil Queen on the show. I wanted to write something to honor her, but my poem obviously turned the other way around and opted to go the opposite way. Continue reading