In the maze…

23rd September, 2015. 3:50pm

Writing 101, Day 13: Compose a series of vignettes

Today, tell a story through a series of vignettes (short, episodic scenes or anecdotes) that together read as variations on the same theme. They can each be as short or long as you see fit — they don’t have to be the same length — but they need a common feature to tie them together, whether it’s a repeated phrase, a similar setting, or the appearance of the same person.
Not sure how to approach this assignment? Pick one of these:
  • Tell a story composed of scenes in each of which you eat your favorite dish, or enjoy your signature drink.
  • Build a narrative of your own personal growth (or your attempts at achieving it) by evoking some of your past birthday parties.
  • Write a post in which each section begins with the phrase “You may never believe this.”
  • Recount the same anecdote several times, but do it in a different style or genre each time, so that each retelling exposes something new in your tale.

Okay, so before I continue with the assignment, can I just say that I’m having a hard time with today’s assignment. Either I need to take a nap because I’m so tired from our rehearsals or I’m just incredibly slow today. I CAN’T DIGEST EVERYTHING PROPERLY! I don’t know why I can and can’t understand what to do with Vignette. I’ve never tried it before, and even though I think I understand and know what to do, it’s like a part of my brain pushes me to quit because what I will write will suck, anyway. And then another part of my brain just wants to continue watching dance videos on Youtube even though I’m on a break for three weeks starting tomorrow because the theater group is having their opening production from October 12-17 and next week is going to be their hell week.

Okay, I’m rambling. I should stop now.

My left eye hurts. Maybe I really just need to sleep, but it hurts a bit, it’s making me a bit harder to focus. Okay, I supposed I should stop now and just go with the assignment, right?

Turns chair around. Closes eyes. Two minutes. Just two minutes.
Wakes up 20 minutes later.

Oh, wow. I did not see that coming. Okay, whatever. Here goes nothing…


Photo c/o:

I was just about to leave the dressing room when I heard squeals from the outside. They were screaming her name, but I wasn’t sure if it was really her so I went out and check what was going on.

It was her. How could I not know that she was going to be here, performing alongside us? I quickly grabbed my bags and ran for her own dressing room. I don’t know if they will let me in, but I pushed it anyway.

I headed for her sister, who kindly ushered me inside. I said quick hello’s to my friends but went straight to her. She told me she saw me dance, and that I was like a mermaid. I don’t exactly know what she means, but I smiled and said thanks. She then asked her sister to take her daughter so she and I can take a walk and talk. As she led me through a path that I’ve never taken before, she told me that I should have told her I have a talent with rhythm because she can help me. I wonder, and want to question, but I chose to curb my tongue and continue to listen to her tales. As we were about around a bend, she took my hand and entered what seemed like a house of a rat. I was scared to went in first, but I went in anyway, putting my trust on her.

“Are you trying to punish me?” I asked as we slither through the rat maze. It was going tighter as the maze goes deeper, and I remember feeling so frightened I’m afraid I was going to have a heart attack. She, on the other hand, weathered through the maze with ease, and even gave me a sinister laugh when she saw my face. We turned one last time into a tight spot when her hold of me suddenly loosens. That’s when I realized we were out of the rat maze and has finally found the exit. I smiled, ready to thank her, but she was suddenly gone. I looked around, called her name, but she was nowhere to be found. So I continue walking outside ’til the light hits my face, feeling confident than ever.




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