It Only Takes A Taste

16th March, 2017. 3:49pm

Waitress Musical - Jenna and Dr. Pomatter It Only Takes A Taste

Photo c/o: Tumblr

We’ve all done it before. You know, doing something that we consciously know was essentially bad for us, yet we still do it anyway? Why do we do it even though we know, deep down, that we’re just setting ourselves up for a trap?

Yesterday, someone from my past contacted me on Facebook. He added me and then sent me a message request, asking how I am. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except, this person made an entirely new profile just to reach me UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME AND NO DEFAULT PHOTO. This alone should’ve sent a warning signal to me, but the younger, stupid side of me made the biggest mistake of accepting his message request and replied, “Uhm… hi?”

I could just be reading too much into this, and maybe he’s just being really friendly but here’s the thing: if he just wanted to have a communication with me again, why didn’t he just use his real profile? I mean, we’re not friends on Facebook, but I know his name. I know his profile exists, so why create a pseudo profile just to get to know me again? Also, why now after all these years of being strangers with one another?

Confused? Here’s a little backstory that will shed some light on why I’m freaking out right now:

  1. He and I have a “history” together
  2. We didn’t exactly parted in a nice way (ie; no proper closure)
  3. He’s one of the people I addressed a note to in my post “Dear I’m-Not-Gonna-Say-Your-Name” (No, I’m not gonna tell which one is he in there)
  4. We tried being friends on Facebook a couple of times, but we always end up being out of each other’s list (the last time he added me and I accepted his friend request, I got mysteriously unfriended after a day or two); and the most important thing to consider,
  5. He’s married

Now, tell me. WHAT IS GOING ON?

I know. I can’t imagine how I would react if I was the wife. To find out that your husband created a secret account is annoying enough, but to learn that he’s in communication with someone he had a thing with in the past? That’s fuckin’ horrible!

To be completely honest, part of me wanted to talk to him so we can finally settle things straight. I want closure. I think we needed that, just to addressed the fact that we are both fine moving on with our life. But see, the thing is, I also don’t want to open a line of communication with someone who’s already tied up with someone else because usually, when I get involved with someone, girlfriends tend to hate me even if nothing is really happening between me and their boyfriends (or girlfriends). Especially not with someone I had a thing with all the way back in high school, someone I thought I’d end up being with, imagine how their significant others would react!

Please tell me I’m just being paranoid and that maybe he’s really being friendly and shit. And maybe, remind me to keep my hands to myself before I do something I’d regret later? Geez, fate. When I said I needed a pretty good bad idea in my previous blog entry I didn’t mean I want someone from my past to come back.

But, damn. Just one bite caused all that wondering. Help.

Waitress Musical Quotes - It Only Takes a Taste




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