Dear Jhack: Transfiguration

12th March, 2017. 09:27am

Dear Jhack,

Things are kind of chaotic right now but don’t worry, things will get better soon. Don’t lose hope just yet. You might not make it in time for Sara’s Broadway debut, but you will get there. Always remember that things happen for a reason. Don’t rush things. You asked God to guide you to the right path. He finally put you on that road. Walk through it slowly but surely. Don’t forget the lesson you’ve learned from today’s Homily:

Leaving our comfort zone is scary because we don’t know what the future holds. God does not assure us comfort and easy life, but He will give us the true essence of life and joy.‬

You’re almost on the 11 o’clock number of this chapter of your life. Just hold tight, the show is about to close and a new one will open up soon.

Things at home is still shitty as always and you hate the fact that you’re being forced to pay for things you shouldn’t be paying in the first place. You haven’t told Dad about your plan, which is probably not a great move, but he’s a tattletale so you’re keeping things to yourself until you’re 100% sure everything will actually work out. He might feel sad about it when he finds out, but you know deep down that you have to do it.

It’s time for you to go your own way and start to try to live life somewhere else. And that’s okay.

I know you’re worried about the finances, but that’s probably why you weren’t granted an earlier interview. He knew you have to save some more before you head to the great big world. So go continue saving. Be a little more selfish for once. It’s for your own good. And I’m pretty sure your brother and your nephew and nieces will understand.

I’m so proud of you for actually finally doing something to change the course of the wind. This week, “Everything Changes” was your anthem, and it will probably be stuck in your head forever. No matter what happens now, be grateful because everything has changed no matter what the outcome will be. If they didn’t give it to you today like you were hoping, don’t fret. There will still be another time. We will not give up.

Stay determined. Stay hopeful. Keep praying. Keep believing. You can do this. You will.

Stay Strong,



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