Dear America

13th February, 2017. 4:47pm

Meryl Streep speech TrumpDear America,

I know the situation in your country is so shitty right now, but I can’t help but wonder why there are so many people who keep telling celebrities and other well-known people to “stick to acting/singing.” Didn’t you realize they’re citizens, too?

Why should they stop voicing their opinion on politics, when YOU, an ordinary citizen couldn’t stop blabbering about them? Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they should stick to just their profession. No matter which side they are on, they have, as do you, the right to say what they want to say (*cue Sara Bareilles’s Brave* — Sorry, I can’t help it).

I know. Eho am I to say these things, right? I’m not an American citizen. I don’t live in America. I should shut up and mind my own business. But see, the thing is, whatever happens in the United States, affects every other country. America is the land of the free, so why ask someone to stop fighting for what they think is right just because they don’t agree with what you believe in? Your entire country is currently in chaos, why not be a little kind to each other? Think about it.

Stay Strong,


8 thoughts on “Dear America

  1. I agree with you, but some people feel that because they have a larger audience they should remain quiet. In some cases I do agree with that concept. Specifically when someone was given a platform to act/sing/whatever and they use that platform constantly to push their ideas, or when they use award shows to talk politics. There’s a time and place, and accepting an award is not the time. It makes as much sense as a spelling bee winner waxing on about locker room reform as they get their medal.

    So, as an American, I can see both sides. She has the right to say it, and they have the right to be annoyed by it. I just think people tune in to watch who wins and see what they wear, not hear more about politics.

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    • I know, I get that. There really is a time and place for everything, but it’s annoying how some people kept telling famous people to “shut up” even on Social Media when they keep saying things themselves. An example: JK Rowling. Some people say she should shut up because she’s not American. True. But this is no longer a national issue, I think. It concerns everyone, and it’s sad how people can be savage online. Can we blame her for replying back and giving trolls doses of their own medicines? I also once saw a video of Tina Fey saying things about the current situation during one of her speeches. I agree, there should be a proper time for that, but if they don’t use the platform they know to voice their opinion, where else can they go, especially those who are not active on Social Media? Like I said, I agree that both sides have a point, it’s really just sad that a lot of people are so vicious about keeping someone to share their views on things. Why not be kind a little?


      • It’s hard to follow that advice, especially when it’s someone that’s not American. I don’t have a problem with JK Rowling stating her opinions online, she has the right to, but I understand that what’s going on here hurts us on a level we’re not comfortable with. And other people commenting makes it a little worse. I know that for me, and many I know, this reality is so upside-down that it’s hard to even watch the news let alone hear others comment on it. But I think everyone has a voice, especially now. Just don’t expect others to want to hear it. Say how you feel, and just know others feel differently. That’s the only kindness one can do.


        • Yeah. It’s just sad that this blew out of proportion. But maybe Trump was right. This MIGHT “make America great again,” because this allows people to unite towards a common goal (whatever that is).


          • Those words hurt me so deeply. Not you-that slogan. Especially when followed with so many words of negativity, fear, and hatred. Those qualities never made America great, and never could. It’s just too bad that it took this to make everyone realize that.


            • Yeah, I could never imagine how everyone in there must be feeling, regardless of which side they are on. But hold tight, the whole world is with you on this fight. You’ll get through this mess. You shall.

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