Hands to Myself

05th April, 2016. 5:30pm

Selena Gomez Hands to Myself

Photo c/o: itunes.apple.com

It’s really fun having a sister because she’s someone you can count on when people are shitting on you, but there are certain times when having a sister is like a pain in the ass… Especially when you’re talking about sex.

My sister and I are close. Not best friend level close, but close. How close? Well, let’s just say that we didn’t spend our childhood or teenage years pulling each other’s hairs or torturing each other. We were pretty jealous of each other, that much I know is true, but we weren’t enemies either. We were okay, to say the least.

However, now that we’re grown up, things have certainly changed. We can talk about everything now, especially when she moved out of the country; we talked more often than we did when we were still living together. Although, there are still certain things that I simply cannot tell her… Like my nonexistent love life.

Or more accurately, my sex life.

Which isn’t to say that it does exist. Haha! I wish. But something that my sister said last Sunday just makes me want to freeze her at that moment; I was teasing her and her husband because they were left alone at home so I said that it’s the perfect time to make a baby. I really thought I had them when they suddenly turned the table on me. I was just about to want to tune out when my sister said, “you gotta get some, you know, or you’re gonna get sick, like those nuns because they grew up a virgin.” At that moment I was too stunned to reply all I managed was a laugh. But what made me want to disappear was when she followed that statement with, “go find yourself a boyfriend! Or use vibrators!” At that moment I was just, “who the hell are you and what have you done with my sister?!” It was so funny and embarrassing and horrifying at the same time. I can’t believe that she, of all people, will say such things. Okay, it’s not that I never ever get frisky because, come on, everyone does. But the fact that they were even offering to give me “tips” on what to do? I mean… WHA? HOW? WHY???





4 thoughts on “Hands to Myself

    • Haha! Trust me we weren’t like this when we were young. We didn’t have “the talk” with our parents. It just came out. I guess that’s what happens when you’re mature enough to talk about such things? At least I hope so.



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