West Covina: Finding Happiness, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Style

04th April, 2016. 1:58pm

Rachel Bloom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend West Covina

Photo c/o: splitsider.com

I very recently rewatched the Pilot episode for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend because the season finale is coming up on April 18 and thought I’d watch the episodes again to understand the story better. 8 minutes into the show, I finally then realized why I’ve grown to love it—I can relate to it so much. More specifically, something that Rebecca’s boss in New York said about her work ethics punched a hole in my gut; she was working 24/7 and not taking a sick day off. I actually had to pause the video and stare at the screen for a couple of minutes because it was then that I realized that, ohmygod, Rebecca IS me!

Except, of course, the crazy ex girlfriend part. At least I don’t think so. Like, no. God, no!

Like Rebecca Bunch, I never took a single day off when I was still going to an actual office. I’ve been with the company for 5 years and I barely remember using my sick and vacation leaves. As in not one or even half a day off. Aside from that, I also had the best attendance record in history because for 3 years straight (aside from not taking a day off), I also never got late for work. Not even one second. I was even an hour (sometimes an hour and a half) early for my shift. I was the classic hardcore working girl that everyone tries to beat but never got the chance to because I was just THAT good (that wasn’t an exaggeration either; ask any of my former officemates or the HR person). So, why did I leave the company?

It was exactly how Rebecca felt. I was unhappy. I was earning big, sure, but I also wasn’t feeling the growth personally, emotionally (and financially). I had to go, I knew it. It wasn’t until my client offered me to work directly for him that I realized the change I need. I said yes in a heartbeat. A few days after my evaluation came out (which resulted in me retaining my Team Leader status WITHOUT a raise despite my excellent performance–again, not exaggerating), I decided to take a week off for the first time ever. The following week, I resigned. People thought I was crazy to leave the company, but I thought otherwise. It was the right decision, I knew it.

Working from home has been my West Covina since then. I was happier; smiling again, and my schedule became so flexible I can party and work at the same time. It was because of leaving that hellhole of an office that I found my strength in fast writing. I was earning more, too! And just like Rebecca, and sadly, the only thing really missing in my life right now is a love life. I guess you really can’t have everything, can you?

But going back to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend…

Yesterday, I had a Twitter conversation with someone about an episode where Rebecca’s therapist appeared as a dream ghost. In this episode, Rebecca was on her way back to New York to her old life after finding out that Josh didn’t love her even after sharing a kiss. In the dream, her dream ghost showed her what she was missing. Rebecca saw how Paula, Darryl and Greg were so worried about her she could possibly be because she went MIA on them. It was then that she realized that there is more to life than obsessing about Josh. However, the stranger I conversed with on Twitter said it was impossible and that it was either she was hallucinating or it was magic. The tweet was actually intended directly for the show’s co-creator and star, Rachel Bloom, but I excused myself and butted in because I don’t think it’s true. It was neither magic nor hallucination. The way I see it, that therapy session in her dream, and everything she saw, was a representation of her finally realizing the truth. She doesn’t need to hallucinate or magic to understand that. They were all buried in her subconscious. She even said it in the Pilot episode. She knows she has been crazy in love with Josh since Day 1, and that led her to neglect the people around her who actually cares for her because for her, happiness is Josh and him not reciprocating the feelings is just like New York all over again. She doesn’t need magic to know that. She doesn’t even need to literally be there in the scene to realize they care. She just has to dig deep. Women are usually intuitive when it comes to these things even thought a lot of us are in denial about these things and Rebecca certainly is one intelligent, intuitive woman.

I don’t know what’s going to happen by the end of this season. I’ve been trying to find spoilers about the show but I found useless clues and the podcasts I have listened to weren’t very helpful, as well. But I hope that Rebecca will soon find real love and that Josh realizes that he should just dump Valencia so that I could hope for my own happy ending as well. I mean, she will get her happy ending, right?




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