Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

11th January, 2016. 7:37pm

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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You know how, sometimes, there’s gonna be that one TV show that you want to stop watching because it’s so ridiculous and kinda corny and also because you can relate but you just can’t stop watching it because it’s ridiculous and corny and also because you can relate to it? That’s exactly how I feel about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I saw the trailer for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a few weeks ago on Youtube because someone I was following replied to her follower when that follower told her she kinda reminds her of Rebecca, the lead girl on the show. So I checked it out and see what this Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is all about. After watching the trailer, I told myself I will not watch it because it sounds crazy and kinda pretentious, but then after the Golden Globes last Sunday, I found out that Lea Salonga is going to be guest-starring on its season finale so I told myself I’ll give it a try.

Now, after 4 episodes, I’m torn whether I should continue watching the remaining 4 episodes before it went back on air this January or stop now and just watch the episode with Lea in it when it airs. I mean, it’s actually kinda funny and I think the girl who plays Rebecca (forgot her name, sorry) kinda deserves that Golden Globes win but there’s a voice in my head that screams, “hey, that’s kinda like your story!” and it terrifies me a bit because ohmygod I feel her!

But, like, first of all, I will never (at least that’s what I tell myself) move in another city just because the guy-I-had-a-thing-with-in-the-past-who-I-still-kinda-like is moving in that particular city. I mean, no! I will never do that! That’s just crazy! But holy crap! That whole I’ll-do-whatever-it-takes-to-spend-time-with-him thing is something I’m so embarrassed to admit. I mean, I know we’ve all done that before (**oh, God, please tell I’m not the only one?) but if you were me, or you know me, you will not be doing that. Never in a million years! So I don’t know. Should I keep watching or should I stop? I should just keep watching because it’s just a TV show, right? But damn, it’s so true, everything that they say, even if it sounds kinda ridiculous. I don’t know. Maybe I am crazy myself. Oh, shit. Wait.





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