Book Review: The Heartbreak Diaries (by Pierra Calasanz-Labrador)

05th January, 2015. 3:40pm

I was supposed to publish this before I go on Christmas vacation last year but I just have way too many things to catch up on so this stayed in my draft section. As of this writing, I have read The Heartbreak Diaries three times already and I know I could’ve written a more formal review but I realized it wouldn’t be as fun as reading the book. Besides, where’s the fun in that? So without further editing on my original post, here’s what I (initially) thought of Pierra Calasanz-Labrador’s first self-published book, The Heartbreak Diaries. (PS: All photos were taken and owned by moi)

The Heartbreak Diaries by Pierra Calasanz-Labrador

The Heartbreak Diaries by Pierra Calasanz-Labrador

(Written 16th December, 2015. 3:16am)

There are books you want to throw out the window because it’s so ridiculous and stupid, and then there are some that you just want to throw into the wall because “the feels” are too much. The latter was pretty much how I felt the entire time I was reading this book.

Penned by one of MEG magazine’s former Editor-in-Chief, Pierra Calasanz-Labrador, The Heartbreak Diaries rips your heart out, squeeze it for a bit then putting it back, only for it to be ripped out again and, this time, crushing it into a million pieces. There are pieces like Labor Day where I was like, “oh, that was really lovely!” but then there are also those that just tugs in my heart, as if it was written for me, like Wish and Warm.

Wish Warm The Heartbreak Diaries

The book may be called “The Heartbreak Diaries” but I don’t really think it’s just about romantic love. Maybe it was just me, but there are some poems where I feel like it was written for me. Like the poem Mute, there’s just something about that reminded me about me and my Dad. It speaks so much, I find it so sad. **hey, it rhymed!😋

Oh, yeah, that’s just Part I.

Once Upon a Time
Part II Once Upon a Time The Heartbreak Diaries

Part II: Once Upon a Time – The Heartbreak Diaries

Part II is what I call sappy high school love stories. Call me old, I don’t care, but some of them are really cheesy! There’s this particular poem where I was just shaking my head because, ohmygod, why would you do that?

Stars -The Heartbreak Diaries

Stars – The Heartbreak Diaries

But then there’s also one or two that are so beautifully written I could actually see it playing in my head like a short film, like the one above.

Open Wounds and Fractures

Parts III and IV, oh how I love thee. Seriously, Pierra, did you read my journal when you were writing these poems?

This Sting Called Love -The Heartbreak Diaries

This Sting Called Love – The Heartbreak Diaries

With every chapter, I could easily pick a favorite, but this is the one that I like one after the other. (**hello, internal rhyming!😉) Considering my limited experience with love, I can relate to all of them, and I probably shouldn’t be saying that because now I realized it sounds so bad.

Remember when I told you that this book, for me, wasn’t just about romantic love? Here’s another proof: Indebted on page 63. Look, I don’t hate my Dad, but this is exactly what he makes me feel most of the time. It sucks, you know.

Showdown -The Heartbreak Diaries

Showdown – The Heartbreak Diaries

But Showdown, oh my goodness—and I’m shaking my head laughing as I type this—was more about me, I think. My sister knows it. When I stopped talking to you and starts ignoring you like you never existed in my world is when you should panic. This is sort of my current situation at home; curbing my tongue for as long as I could, ignoring the bullshit. Words stings like a bitch, but silence is a whole new level. It’s like being Avada Kedavra’d and you know there’s no way out of it.

And that poem Mouth-to-Mouth, OUCH. Like I said, this book rips your heart out, give it a hard squeeze, put it back in, only for it to be ripped out again. It might as well have been titled, “Jhack’s Love Life: A VERY Brief Summary.” Sigh.

Miss In-Between -The Heartbreak Diaries

Miss In-Between – The Heartbreak Diaries

Seriously, this book is my life! I’m on Part V now and my head is getting a migraine. Why, Pierra, why? That Miss In-Between? It was like a one big slap on my face. I have moved on, you know, but reading that particular poem brings back all the heartache.😭

This Bandage part is seriously giving me a headache. Oh, but please, come on, rub some more salt on the wound, why don’t you?😭

The last entry on this chapter, Hollow. Oh, my heart. What have you done to my heart, Pierra?😭💔

Poignant - The Heartbreak Diaries

Poignant – The Heartbreak Diaries

Okay, I forgive you. The next part is actually now trying to put my crushed-into-a-million-pieces heart back in its place, reminding me the sun will come out tomorrow.

Last Full Show -The Heartbreak Diaries

Last Full Show – The Heartbreak Diaries

That Last Full Show… Now, why does that sound familiar???☺️😉

Shimmer - The Heartbreak Diaries

Shimmer – The Heartbreak Diaries

Reading The Heartbreak Diaries actually feels not just reading about love, but experiencing it yourself. You first have crushes, then you fall in love, get hurt, felt betrayed, want to die and get it over with, but in the end, you get back up ’til that wounds heal and someone will sweep you off your feet to fill that scar. For most of it, I really wanted to throw it out the window because it feels like being punched in the gut by making me remember about my short-lived love life. But it’s also what I loved about it. It’s so real. So relatable. And I know for a fact that this is one of those books that I will go back to even if my my heart will be ripped again and again.

The Heartbreak Diaries

Thank you, Pierra, for sharing these tiny poems. They’re absolutely gorgeous. And the water-colored illustrations (oh, gosh, I hope I’m right), WOW! They’re so beautiful! Congrats on your début! I hope more people will hear about this because it’s something that I’m sure was made out of love (heh!)

For more information on The Heartbreak Diaries, please go to the book’s official Facebook page.





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