18th December, 2015. 5:15pm

Writing 101, Poetry – Day 10: Farewell

Write a poem about a farewell today: perhaps this image may bring back memories of loved ones who passed, or revive memories of those that departed from our lives. Or you could focus on the more mundane, but still powerful moments of your daily goodbye rituals, whether it’s a friend, partner, or member of your family.

Why poetry courses only lasts for ten days, I could never understand; I fell hard in love with it too much! But all good things must come to an end, so with a heavy heart, I bid my final poem of the year. **PS: Sorry if it’s such a downer.

girl walking away

Photo c/o:

Leaning in for a kiss
is something he likes to dismiss
Coming in for a hug
and backing away, ugh,
A trick he likes to pull, that humbug.

I was patient, I was kind
Your rudeness, I didn’t mind
I was hopeful, I persevere
Even though you were never here
And that always makes me shed a tear.

Be patient, give up you musn’t
A voice in my head cries, like that of an infant.
Although he’s indifferent
Remember to just be prudent
Even though he’s always absent.

I turned away and never looked back.

About the concept:

Today’s poem is all about that one person who was always there but was never appreciated for it. It’s about the dilemma of following your mind versus your heart. We’ve all experienced that before, or have known someone who is like that. More specifically, the poem is for the person who waited in vain for love. It’s not the best feeling in the world, but even though you care for someone too much, sometimes you gotta think about yourself. It’s okay to say no and turn back around… You’re not his playground.




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