The Hanged Man

07th December, 2015. 5:25pm

Writing 101, Poetry – Day 1: Magic

What magic have you accomplished in the past year? Be it small or grand, it’s worth celebrating in a poem!

This is the third time that I’m taking WordPress’ Poetry course. I know I should have just let this go, but I can’t. I enjoyed it too much… until today.

I know. Why can’t I come up with a poem for our first assignment? It’s simple, isn’t it? Just about the magic that I have accomplished the past year? But I think it’s what bothers me; the lack thereof. Looking back, 2015 has been a real bitch to me. I was expecting some changes, and boy did it change, but not how I expected it. All 2015 has been to me was throw one challenge after another, never letting me rest for even just a minute. It’s exhausting.

But since this is an assignment, and I’m not one to quit that easily, I will attempt to finish today’s task. I’m just hoping that my work will make sense by the time I finished this thing.

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Shuffling the cards, hoping to find solace,
though at the back of mind all there is is doubt and hopelessness.
Never thinking about consequence,
I drew one card, in an attempt to find sense in this nonsense.
The Hanged Man, the card revealed,
which was when I finally understood…
I just wish I knew why I keep steering myself back in the battlefield.

Sacrifice, the deck never lies.
Sacrifice, is what is happening, I realize.
Sacrifice, it’s what everyone gives as an advice.
Sacrifice. Why does it feel like a non-working device?

Should I keep playing this part, hoping things will be better?
Or try shuffling ’til I get Death and end this banter?
But what if I got the Ace of Wands?
Am I ready to lose those bonds
we thought we once had?

Keep holding on, they say,
and look for the silver lining, come what may.
I tried and I tried, to The Magician I want to be untied,
and I’m going to try ’til I got The Fool,
even if I have to do something cruel.

About the concept:

The poem didn’t end well, I know. I used the tarot cards to symbolize the feeling and the situation, and I apologize if none or a few of you understands it. But this year, like I said, have been a real pain and I think I’m at that point where I’m ready to fight. Fight how? I don’t really know how. I’ve been powerless enough for the last few years, and I’m tired of it. Sometimes, I feel like a rubber band, being pulled over and over and now I’m about to snap. And when someone who has been keeping their cool finally snaps, you know what happens next, right? All hell breaks loose.




13 thoughts on “The Hanged Man

  1. I have always loved the way you write and I think somehow my will to blog was inspired by you. I am glad we are in the same class for once. Your poem touches a personal core. I recognize ” And when someone who has been keeping their cool finally snaps, you know what happens next, right? All hell breaks loose. ” Keep writing. All the love and best wishes. πŸ™‚

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    • Wow! I didn’t expect someone to know what I’ve been saying in the poem, and I’m glad someone can relate! Thank you! I’ve been rough with tarot card reading these days, so I hope I got them right.

      Liked by 1 person


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