Hong Kong, Take 2.

16th November, 2015. 3:55pm

This is a response to the Daily Prompt’s One More Time.”

If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?

The year 2015 has been a whirlwind for me. I love it because it’s the first time I traveled out of the country without a family in tow, but it’s also one of the saddest years because not only did my grandmother die, but my sister also finally left the country to be with her husband. Still,  if there’s one thing I would gladly relive this year, it’s my first travel to Hong Kong.

I have been planning to go back, this time with my family. I really want to go out of country again; visit Disneyland with my nephew and nieces because I didn’t get to enjoy it that much the first time I went in Hong Kong. I want to relive my days in Hong Kong for one more time, because it was during those days where I felt freedom in its entirety. It was so refreshing to think about nothing but myself, while also wishing that my family could see how I’m rocking being in another country by my lonesome (sort of).

During my 4 days stay in Hong Kong, I realized that if  I want to go away and live independently (whether locally or in another country), I could do it. I know I could manage. I don’t know if it’s just the thrill of having no one to deal with for a couple of days, but somewhere deep inside me tells me I could survive. I know it will be hard, and there will be days where I wish my family was beside me, but I also know that I’m gutsy enough to handle every single challenge that may come my way.

I just wish I could actually do it again some time.





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