16th November, 2015. 07:11pm

So, my laptop is fucked up. Or at least starting to give up, which is sad because I’ve had this since 2011 since I started working from home. Lately, I’ve been getting this Disk Error and PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, which I don’t understand what it’s all about and what’s causing it. I’m pretty sure that my laptop doesn’t have a virus or a Malware because I have a pretty good anti-virus software. Also, I have CCleaner, which I use very often so I don’t know why it’s suddenly doing this. What’s weird is that it happens when I’m about to be finished, or when it’s too hot. I know it could be just that I need a new laptop fan and/or cooler, but I’ve had that problem before and it didn’t show those two problems; it just shuts down when it’s too hot. Also, it’s not that hot, I checked. I don’t know if it’s time for me to replace my laptop but I hope not (yet). I still love my laptop so much. It was one of the first things I bought since I decided to work from home.😔

I’m way behind my NaBloPoMo prompts. Maybe it was a mistake signing up for this month, which is such a let down because I can always do a hundred tasks a day. I really hope I can still catch up. I have to. But I don’t know anymore.

I was being lazy these past few days, getting up late. To be honest, I blame it on the end of the Daylight Saving Time. Because I live in Manila but basically following America’s Eastern Time, we are now an hour and a day ahead. This means that I have an extra hour before the time I have to go to work. Usually, it’s a good thing, since it means I can have an extra hour of sleep, or that I have one more hour to spare in case I’m out. But these past few days, it just made me feel so lazy. My bed is so clingy, it doesn’t want to let me go. So I always end up starting late. Which is bad. I mean, my client doesn’t notice, because he’s not strict with working hours, anyway, but still. It’s making me feel like the laziest person in the world.😫

Once Upon a Time 5x08 Birth - Hook outside Mr. Gold's ShopI was so angry at Captain Hook at last night’s Once Upon a Time. After everything that Emma did to save him, this is how he’s going to repay her? By “taking care of her” with Zelena? Seriously?! Fuck you, Killian. And thank you for reminding me why I shipped Neal with Emma over you in the first place. **You can send hate on me if you’re a die-hard CaptainSwan shipper, I don’t care. I am mad at him for his reaction on that last scene on the episode, “Birth.” Emma deserves some credit, man.





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