Playing with Hyptertext Markup Language

12th November, 2015. 3:50pm

Blogging 201, Day Nine: HTML Basics

Here’s a challenge: open a new draft post, and switch to the HTML editor immediately. Post as you normally would, but try to insert all your images and links, and format all your next, with HTML.

html gif

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I love HTML. I think that, if I only have enough time to spare, I would learn not just the basics of HTML, but the intricate ones, as well. I learned how to do HTML on my own back when customizing your Friendster profile was all the rage (**Yes, Friendster. I know. You don’t have to make me feel old). When I want to do something and I don’t know what the HTML code is, I would go to a website where I’ve seen this particular object, view the page source, and copy its HTML code. It’s basically how I learned everything I know today.

However, because I’m using a free site here in WordPress, customizing my blog with HTML tags is not as fun. But it’s okay. I think I did fairly well with making my blog look like I made it from scratch. I like what I did with my other blog, though. It used to have more than how it is now, but I grew older and decided I don’t really want all that fluff and junk anymore. So I kept it simple.

mcmlIt’s actually funny because my other blog is entitled, “My Colorful Monochromatic Life” but the blog design itself is very simple: Grey background with white overlay, but using shades of pink and blue for the text. And I customized manually, with the help of everyone’s reliable best friend—Google. I wish I could do that with WordPress. Then again, why beat myself up with HTML codes when there’s a visual option, right? Still, it’s fun to learn and play with things I’m not very familiar of, and see my hard work bloom at the end of the day.

PS: I want to thank Michelle and Kathryn P. for helping me sort out my widgets problem. Turns out, it was all my AdBlock’s fault why my Social Media icons are nowhere to be found. All is well now, so yay!





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