11th November, 2015. 3:10pm

Blogging 201, Day Eight: Widget Visibility


Yeah, see that annoying little fucker on the side? Still being a brat. UGH.

Okay, so after a couple of days whining about my widgets, I think I finally know one of the things that’s causing my blog to go bonkers: my browser.

Before I sent my reply to one of the WordPress editors over at The Commons, I checked my blog using other browsers I have on my laptop and my phone. Alas! My blog looks normal.

And then I went and checked it on my phone’s Safari and it’s busted as well. What. The. Heck.

But let’s forget about that for now while I’m still wracking my brain on that and move on today’s assignment. Like I said, there’s nothing I wanted to take away from my sidebar right now, and I’ve never really paid attention with the widget visibility until now. Usually, I would ignore tasks like this, but this time I paid attention. I checked it out. Surprisingly, it was helpful than I thought it’d be. I hid some stuff when accessing a particular pages because I realized it’s redundant. I think it’s cleaner now. Well, except for that annoying Social Media icons part.

I don’t when of I will ever clean that part out but hey, at least, I’m getting closer, right? I think.





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