Photo Dilemma (Still)

10th November, 2015. 4:15pm

Blogging 201, Day Seven: Custom Image & Text Widgets


Tell Me: Does this part of my blog look like this to you as well?

I don’t know how I can stress my problem with widgets any further because I think I’ve said enough yesterday when I tried cleaning up my sidebar. It’s been 24 hours but I still haven’t found a solution for my Social Media Icons widget, which is making me really sad. I don’t know if it’s just my Internet connection or there’s really something wrong with WordPress.

The thing is, I don’t want to change my theme anytime soon just for this one. I tried using WordPress’ Social Icons widget but it still didn’t solve my problem. I was thinking about doing it manually by uploading my own badge and add a Custom Text/HTML icon but then it crossed my mind that that’s exactly what my initial problem was so why waste time?

I didn’t make any big changes with today’s assignment, except that I deleted the link I put on one of my images because the website doesn’t work anymore. Still, I’m hoping to fix my main problem because it is certainly driving me nuts!





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