On Backgrounds (and an inner monologue)

05th November, 2015. 03:50pm

Blogging 201, Day Four: Backgrounds and Fonts

Great. So now we’re doing backgrounds. You see, I tried changing my blog’s background. I even dedicated some time searching for some images that may replace the one I currently have on, but after trying them on, I realized that the one I have right now is already perfect. However, I did a few customization because some readers have an issue with my background image, so I go over the customizer and changed my background image’s alignment—center to right. I still wish that there’s an option where I can color the posts so that it will be readable, but of course, I would have to make do with whatever’s available. I’m not planning on spending a few bucks just for my blog because I don’t feel like I need it.

Here, I’m sharing you my other choices:

I tried them all on, plus a few more, but they didn’t really suit well for me. So I changed it back to my old background image.

As for the fonts, I’ve already changed mine a few days ago so I think I’m gonna have to pass that one, as well.

With all the assignments that we are handed over these past few days, I wondered if, perhaps, I made a mistake when I signed on to this course. It’s still a fun blogging course, don’t get me wrong, but so far I don’t feel like I’m learning anything new. That being said, I keep doing it because it’s making me realize that I have other options to make my blog look better. I guess that’s enough for me to stay… for now.





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