Keeping my head(er) on the game

03rd November, 2015. 3:20pm

Blogging 201, Day Two: Uploading Headers


Photo c/o:

Yeah, I’m not making any changes with the header I am currently using on my blog, because I know it pretty much sums up what I have in mind (pun intended). But since we’re talking about the headers, allow me to share why I chose this particular header.

When I first opened my blog, I knew what it will be about. I love the word “Brain Fart”, but I wanted to make sure I’m using the correct term so I researched more about what it really is. I checked Google Image to find the perfect banner for my blog, since I’m nowhere near good enough to create my own header from the scratch. So I used someone else’s photo, making sure I put credit below my blog. **I don’t need to lie and pretend that I created this myself; It wouldn’t do me any good.

I got mine from’s “Why we have brain farts, and what scientists are doing to stop them”. What I did was I cropped the photo, performed some magic in it (i.e.; edit it on Photoshop), add my blog name, and voilà! My very own blog header. But before I decided on this, I actually had a couple of other images in mind, like these two:


Photo c/o:


Photo c/o:

But then, the more I look into it, the more I’m thinking my first choice was the best choice. So I settled for it. I think it’s simple enough, yet speaks exactly what the blog is all about; the train of thoughts that comes out of my mind that I can’t control. I have been using this header ever since I started this blog and I’ve never thought about changing it anytime soon.

As for a site logo, my current theme doesn’t support it so I’m skipping it. Not that I feel like I need it, anyway.






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