It’s all about the theme

02nd November, 2015. 4:32pm

Blogging 201, Day One: Finding and Understanding Theme Information

trulyminimalssYup, writing courses are back and so am I! For today’s assignment, it’s all about the theme and understanding its features. To be honest, I don’t know if this post is going to be quite helpful because I’m still very much satisfied with how my blog looks; I’m satisfied with the current theme I am using—Truly Minimal. Even though I’m using just the free blog, it’s okay. I think I’ve done an okay job in making it look like it’s not your average Truly Minimal theme… at least that’s the hope. I would’ve wanted to try the post sliders, but unfortunately, my theme doesn’t support that. Bummer!

So since I don’t have anything much to add for our first assignment, allow me to just share my reason for doing this course. I have taken every possible Blogging and Writing course here on WordPress (at least as far as I can remember), so why am I doing this again? It’s because I’ve read that this is entirely different from the other Blogging 201 courses that I have previously taken. And since I’m a sucker for writing and blogging workshops, of course I’m taking this one, too!

I don’t really know if there’s something new for me here at the new Blogging 201, but I hope I could learn something new.





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