Moral Nihilism

22nd October, 2015. 4:30pm

Every once in a while, I would come across a book that totally leave me with a book hangover that go on for days, but it’s even rare when I found something that messes with my brain after only 5 chapters. Katherine Ewell’s Dear Killer is one of those rare books.

Mind you, I’m not done reading it; just started last night, actually. I had to stop though because it’s 3:30 in the morning already (I started at around 1am), and I need to wake up in a few hours. Yup, some books you sacrifice sleep for, but they’re worth it… Usually.

Anyway, like I said, this book, ohmygod, it’s so brutal. I found out about this book via Margot Wood of Team Epic Reads. Did you remember when I say I’m interested in how a person’s mind works? This is a perfect read. I saw on Goodreads that it has a lot of low ratings and while I haven’t read the reviews (I stay away from them before I even get to read the book myself), I think it’s because the book is so graphic. By the way, Dear Killer is about Kit, a 17-year old girl who was raised by her Mom to be her protege and be London’s notorious “Perfect Killer” while leading a double life as the average student at Ivy High. However, what makes Kit different from her Mom is instead of drawing a heart on the victim’s bodies like her Mom, Kit leaves the letters people send her to the victim’s bodies (The letter contains the ‘requests’ to kill someone). Now, what exactly is Moral Nihilism? Moral Nihilism is the “belief that nothing is inherently wrong and nothing is inherently right, because morality is only a set of rules created by society and not based on any greater truth,” something that Kit was etched in all her life. When I read Chapter 5 I freaked out, wondering how a 17-year old girl could do such a thing. I even had to go back and read it again, trying to decipher what happened. It’s so… descriptive. And brutal. And wicked. Is she a psychopath? So far, I don’t think so. She hasn’t expressed the signs you see on a psychopath, but I’ve only read until Chapter 7 last night so I don’t know. One thing is for sure, though, this book is definitely going to fuck me up when I’m done with it.




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