Now what???

19th October, 2015. 4:02pm

It’s the question I always dread whenever writing courses end.


Sometimes I feel like I (well, my blog) will obliterate without these writing courses, which is ridiculous because that wasn’t why I opened this blog in the first place. I put up this blog that none of my offline friends (and family) know about because I wanted to have a place where I could let my inner thoughts out; things I couldn’t get off my mind. But ever since I got obsessed with writing courses, it seemed like it took over my blog and turned it into that kind of blog—posting solely for that. True, there’s nothing wrong with that, I just didn’t imagine my blog turning into something like that.

**Okay, you must hate me now for saying that. I apologize if that stings.

I mean, I should be happy, I know, because no writing courses mean that I have a little time to spare. Still, it bugs me when I’m not panicking. There are a few things I want to (have to) write about, actually, but I’m just in the mood for that yet. Plus, all I really wanted to do right now is to continue reading but, of course, I can’t because I have to work.

Is anyone here joining NaNoWriMo in November? I’ve been wanting to do it, but I always end up not joining because I don’t think that my plot is solid enough to be written in 50,000 words in 30 days. I wanted to, though, and I’m so baffled right now. I can’t decide.

On Saturday I will be back at choreographing our dance musical. To be honest, my mind and body is still on the vacation mood, but I’m not a quitter. I just hope that by the middle of the week I’d be mentally prepared to continue teaching new routines this weekend. Wish me luck!




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