09th October, 2015. 10:15pm

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

Whether you choose to write about an actual map, an imaginary one, or just about a particular route that means something special to you, make today’s poem about a space you inhabit (or wish to. Or would rather avoid).
Today’s form: Ode
Today’s device: Metaphor

girl holding a map

Photo c/o: ericainthemeadow.tumblr.com

Map on hand, don’t know where to go,
Heading nowhere, just going with the flow.
Eyes on the road, never looking back,
Catching every drop of hope like a needle in a haystack.

With no destination she drove for miles,
and for once her face screams nothing but all smiles.
What was once blue, now her world’s a glowing amber,
making her not wanna go back ’til it’s actually December.

She may never find her destination
but the journey certainly gives pure elation.
It’s evident she’s heading nowhere,
but look, she’s actually getting there.
No one can pin the location
except the girl with the map, dedication, and a wild imagination.

About the concept:

For today’s poem, I played with map with no real destination in mind. I guess you could say that it’s an ode to freedom, to just letting fate take you wherever it wants. I wrote it because it’s also what I’ve been feeling lately; to leave and go anywhere. There were also a couple of metaphors here and there, and I hope you can understand them well.

One more thing, I wrote this poem with the theme in mind because tomorrow, I’d be turning 30. I still don’t know where I’m going tomorrow, all I know is that I’m leaving. Where my feet will take me? Who knows. Maybe I’ll actually find what I’ve been looking for tomorrow.





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