Circle of Life

08th October, 2015. 4:17pm

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 4: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

Today, write a poem about the imperfect nature of someone or something.
Today’s form: limerick
Today’s device: enjambment

Before you read my poem for the day, I want you to grab a pen and paper then draw a circle. See how many times you have to try before you can get a perfect circle.
circle of life

My failed attempts at drawing circles.
See that big circle at down left?
I had to use a guide to perfect it
because I simply can’t on my own.

I didn’t really have much of a hard time with today’s poetry device and form, but I gotta admit that limerick makes me wanna panic (**Oh, hey there, internal rhyming!)

Why is it so hard to perfect
a circle when it’s the easiest subject
to pen on a paper?
Even if you use an eraser
Still, you’ll get the same verdict.

No matter how many times you draw
you still can see the flaw.
Putting dots aren’t always helpful
even though you’re careful.
Damn, that circle, they sometimes make you wanna withdraw.

And it’s like life, isn’t it?
You try and try, yet in the end you feel like a hypocrite.
Going through different challenges
like a rat in a marathon of mazes,
Sliding through ’til you find the right exit.

A circle, as in life, may
be full of imperfections but that’s okay.
Though they sometimes make you go crazy
You don’t have to be grumpy.
Just keep drawing, it’s all just a bumpy roadway.

That circle may not be perfect for now
But you’ll see, you’ll get there somehow.
Practice makes perfect
and though the future you can never predict,
Know that you can make it anyhow.

About the concept:

When I read today’s assignment on my email, all I wanted to do was to throw my laptop out the window. Why did they make us write about imperfections when I’ve just written about it yesterday, with my poem “Masquerade?” And then, as I was having dinner last night, I suddenly remembered a time in college when I asked my friends to draw a circle on a paper. They wondered why at that time, but I didn’t explain it to them. I just made them draw it once. What I never told anyone was why; I was about to write a personal essay relating a circle to life. I thought about it after hearing the Broadway version of Lion King’s “Circle of Life”. I’ve seen the Lion King many times, but it was only then that I wondered what could “Circle of Life” mean, and what it means for me personally. So I tried drawing a circle. I couldn’t do it. Not even after ten tries.

Which leads me back to think about life. It’s not perfect. No life is, just like drawing a circle. It takes you a couple of tries before you achieve a perfect circle, just like in life. You meet a couple of assholes before you can find “the one”; you have to go through a number of horrible bosses to get to your destined career path. Even then, you still hit a couple of road bumps, just like when trying to draw a circle. It’s not perfect, but you can make it perfect enough for you, despite its imperfections.





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