07th October, 2015.2:35pm

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 3: Skin, Prose Poem, Internal Rhyme

For today’s poem, choose whatever meaning of “skin” speaks to you the most.
Today’s form: Prose Poetry
Today’s device: Internal Rhyme

When I first took on Prose Poetry the first time I took Writing 201: Poetry, I had a hard time. I didn’t even know if I nailed it right. But now, after doing some more research (I found more about Prose Poetry at Writer’s Digest), I learned that the simplest way to describe prose poetry is to:

  1. Write a poem.
  2. Don’t break your lines.

Yup. Simple as that. No need to rack our brains trying to figure out how to do it. Now, as for the internal rhyming, I know I can do it because I’ve already done it before, and because doing Writing 201: Poetry made me fall in love with rhyming. So, with that in mind, here’s my assignment for the day:

Behind the mask

Photo c/o:

Standing in front of the mirror, I looked inside myself deeper, checking every inch of its layer. I peeled one part and realized, maybe this is the start. I know I can turn this into a work of art. So peel, I did. Into a new skin, I slid. A new person, I embodied.

I was shy once, but the new skin gave me confidence. People troop to me, as if I was someone of importance. “Patience,” I said, “there’s no need for violence. Come, take my hand, I’ll show you what act of deference is.”

My subject bowed, cheers of praises echoed like a thundercloud. I smiled, standing proud, but deep inside all I want is to disappear into the crowd.

When the crowds dispersed, into my chamber I burst, peeling the unknown skin like I’ve been terribly cursed. This isn’t who I am, in my head, I conversed. So why am I diving into the sea of rock headfirst?

I peeled another layer, hoping to find something bigger. A braver, bubblier, clever version of this daughter. It may be flawed in the exterior, but it’s something I couldn’t be more prouder.

No need to be someone else, my dear. You’re good enough for everyone to endear.

About the concept:

For today’s assignment, I used the concept of skin symbolically. I was fascinated by the different layers of everyone’s personalities; how we all try to act someone we’re not in order to please someone else without realizing that who we are is already enough. I played with the skin as if it was an attitude, a mask that we put on and off for when no one’s around.

As for the title, a masquerade is an event where everyone wears a mask. It was a show. A ball to hide who you are. Although sometimes it’s necessary, we don’t always need to do that. It’s okay to be who we are. Flaws and all.




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