Care Package

06th October, 2015. 5:10pm

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

Today, write something about a gift.
Today’s form: acrostic
Today’s device: simile

care package

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Missing you like crazy like the Mad Hatter,
Iris dilating, wishing you were closer,
Senses ablaze, never holding it together,
Silent whispers in my head, screaming like a howler.
It’s okay, she says. Here, a box of happiness for my little sister,
No, it’s kosher, I promise it’ll make you feel better.
Go, open it, I won’t let you be grumpier.

Yellow ribbons wrapped a care package,
Over a big box filled with presents that give me courage.
Under it, a message, “Hang in there, I’ll see you after college.”

When I read today’s assignment, I said, “this should be easy” until I realized today’s form… ACROSTIC. Holy shit! here we go again with this form.

It’s not like I don’t know how to do it. Of course, I do. I’ve done this before when I first took Writing 201: Poetry. I have known about acrostic because of Pretty Little Liars, so what am I so worried about?

The answer: It’s hard to try to spell out a word when you’ve already started figuring out what to do with your assignment.

About the concept:

For this assignment, I used the thrill of missing someone and seeing them again as a gift. I thought about a care package this morning when I was thinking what to give my cousins for Christmas. I also have been thinking about sending a care package for my sister this Christmas, which is what fueled this poem. We’ve been together since we were in diapers, doing everything together so her absence makes me feel crazy sometimes. I miss her so much, so I thought I’d incorporate that for today’s assignment.

I didn’t use a lot of Simile, just twice in the first and the fourth line. As for the form, the poem reads MISSING YOU, which you can also read in the first line. I couldn’t think of any other words to spell out other than that.

I’m not sure I nailed this one today, but hey, at least I tried.




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