30th September, 2015. 4:35pm

Writing 101, Day 18: A map as your muse

Today, let a map be your muse. Select an area anywhere in the world on Google Maps (or your preferred online map tool), or a section on a paper map, and use this as inspiration for your post.

nathan hotel google earthAbove is a Google Earth version of the map surrounding Nathan Hotel. I chose this not only because this was the first place I traveled to alone (I meant with friends, not family), but also because it is with this place that I realize a few things.

I have traveled abroad before, but it’s always with a family member in tow. Visiting Hong Kong without my family made me realize that I can do it. Although going to theme parks (like Disneyland) and doing stuff that you usually do with them can make you feel so lonely, it’s so refreshing to do it alone. Plus, it’s with this place that I discover a few things about myself.

When I was in Hong Kong, I realized how much free I felt. I love the weather, for one, and I went there during winter season. Being in there also made me think about myself more; how, had I stayed there longer, I might’ve found someone. I also realized that even though living alone can make you feel lonely, I also know that I can do it. I can live with it. It’s not home, but I can make it one if I let myself.

It’s not that traveling abroad made me selfish. I did miss my family when I was in Hong Kong. I was there for only a week, but I miss my family so much especially when I visited Hong Kong Disneyland. I thought, “my nephew and nieces would love Disneyland, for sure” and, “this trip would be so much fun if my siblings were here with me.” Small things like that. But to live alone in a city that can swallow me whole in no time? I say bring on the challenge. I know I can do it.

I have been wanting to move out of my parent’s home since college, but here in the Philippines, it’s really not an option. A lot of students do it, sure, but only if they live in the province. If you live in the city, you don’t necessarily have to rent an apartment to be closer to your school (or work place) because there’s always public transportation (it’s why there’s so much traffic in Manila). But being in Hong Kong for a few days made me realize that when the time comes for me to officially leave my safe place for a bigger fishbowl, I knew I can brave that whole new world. I shall.

PS: I chose the map to Nathan Hotel because it’s where me and my friends stayed. Plus, when we were there, we did A LOT of walking. It was tiring, but it was fun. Plus, I didn’t mind the walking because the weather is cool enough not to make me sweat despite walking for 20minutes or more.





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