For the Love of ONCE and Lea…

28th September, 2015. 3:00pm

Writing 101, Day 16: Search your stats for a post idea

Click on the “Months” or “Years” tab on your stats page to see cross-sections of stats in different months.

  • Top Posts & Pages: What posts are perpetually popular? Can you write a follow-up to one of them?
  • Countries: Where are most of your visitors coming from? Can you publish a post that might be of interest to these viewers?
  • Search Terms: What words and phrases do people search that lead them to your blog? Think of a post that addresses a search term you see again and again.
  • Referrers: What sites or specific posts are sending you visitors? Are there post topics you can write about that might be of interest to these readers?
  • Clicks: What links are your visitors clicking on? Can you publish your own original content on these topics?

Despite working with website stats and search engine optimization everyday, I don’t really care much when it comes to my own blog. I know how important stats are, but for me, quality is always much better than quantity. But I have to agree with the assignment, stats tell you what clicks and what doesn’t. I looked into my own and chose to go with the “Years” tab because the “Months” tab is filled with Writing 101-related posts and if I’m to share something new, I might as well go as far as I can, right?

Here, take a look at my “Popular Posts & Pages”.


It’s actually funny that the most popular (or more accurately, most viewed) post is TTYL, which is an answer to a prompt about my uber-busy schedule, since it only got a few likes. The assignment didn’t say anything about writing about the most viewed post, so for this assignment, I’m choosing to do a follow up on How to blow holes on a ship: Once Upon a Time way. Although, I’m not gonna lie, in this post, I will attempt to do a quick follow up on those posts (and since this post also has something to do quite a bit about my uber-busy schedule).

dark swan merida once upon a timeIf you’re a fan of Once Upon a Time, you’d know that season 5 just started last night. I even did a quick review myself when I first saw The Dark Swan episode. Last night, the show officially premiered and despite having seen it four times now, the feelings I got were still the same. I love the episode, I just hate inconsistencies and ship-blowing.

First of all, Captain Hook. I get it. He’s probably the most handsome man on the show but come on! Him encouraging Henry to break Zelena out is such a low blow. Did the writers forgot that she murdered his father? I have a list of why I can’t ship CaptainSwan but this tops the list. He’s just dumber than a box of hair! I really hope Adam and Eddy are not thinking about making him Henry’s future stepfather because by the looks of it, he’s not setting a great example to him. Oh yeah, and has anyone forgot the fact that he was also Henry’s grandma’s lover? Just yucky.

Oh, yes, and Hook’s monologue about heart-ripping. How much brain cells did he lose over the hiatus? Regina enchanted his hook when she asked him to go to Wonderland to rip Cora’s heart. She did not give him a potion! And yes, even if he didn’t rip Cora’s heart out, he’s already used that one chance when he ripped Aurora’s heart out back in season 2. So tell me, when exactly did Regina give him a potion? Tsk tsk tsk writers.

On the other hand, I love Merida! I really do! I loved the animated movie, Brave, and I enjoyed seeing her on the show. I love her interactions with Emma. She’s so good! Oh, and I already know who’s playing her—Amy Manson.

One more thing I love about the episode was all the Mills-Hood-Charming family interaction. I love how Regina is so protective of Henry; loved how Henry put his arms over Roland when Granny’s was swept away by the tornado; loved how Robin can tell it was Zelena impersonating Regina; loved how Snow and Regina understands so much now, they really look like family now; loved seeing Robin and Regina’s relationship just grow. It’s everything I ever hoped for. I don’t care what people say about OutlawQueen being wrong and all, I still ship them and hope them to end up together in the end.

During our ONCEPodcast episode, Season 5 Hopes and Predictions, one of the hosts said that they hope Emma wouldn’t need any True Love’s Kiss in order to be free of the Dark One’s curse. I agree. I really hoped she wouldn’t need it (whether it’s from Hook, Henry or her parents). She’s the product of true love. She should be able to save herself (with probably help from them) because no one saves Emma Swan but herself. Besides, it would make a great point of what the show keeps telling us; Evil isn’t born, it’s made. And so is good. Emma turning back from darkness should be her choice. It’s like what Killian said. Being good should be Emma’s choice, not someone else’s. **Ooh, check out our Initial Review of The Dark Swan!

Yeah, so now that Once Upon a Time is back, it’s time for me to adjust my working schedule again and be superwoman for three days a week. Since the hiatus I’ve been slacking, pressing the snooze button way too many times when I shouldn’t. Now I have a reason to get up early. And because I also have choreography tasks on the side, it makes my schedule busier than ever. Can I do it? I don’t know. Will it cost me my health? I hope not. But one thing is for sure: I will do whatever it takes to do them all at the same time, even if it means losing a few hours of sleep in the process.


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I don’t intend to post anything about this since I know a majority of you wouldn’t be able to relate to this post but seeing When Words Hurt on my Stats page just inspired me to share it anyway.

Last Saturday, Lea Salonga tweeted something about shallowness, which sparked hate tweets from fans of this new “love team” here in the Philippines called “Aldub.” It would have been fine if the tweet actually was intended for them but it wasn’t. Lea was too busy to even know about Aldub. That much I know is true. She spends 12 hours (or probably more) inside the theatre rehearsing for Allegiance. How can anyone assume that that tweet was for their idols? Lea doesn’t owe anyone an explanation as to what her tweet really was about. Just because the tweet is cryptic doesn’t give us all the right to assume it was about something we think it’s about.

What irritates me the most was the amount of hate she is getting for something she didn’t do. Early this morning, I come across a blog post entitled, “The Assassination of Lea Salonga”. In it, the author said, “Because of the way she was treated recently, Filipinos do not deserve her. Antonio Luna was massacred by fellow Filipinos, the same was virtually done to Lea.”

As a fan and a friend in a way, what my fellow people is doing to her hurts me. She has been under-appreciated despite all the pride, honor and glory she has brought our country, but this kind of low blow is just too much. It was like seeing someone rip her heart out and crush it into a million pieces and I can’t even do a thing about it because fighting back is useless because closed-minded people are hopeless. **Sorry, I can’t help but throw in Once Upon a Time reference.

Anyway, what the blog post say was true. And what drives me crazier was the fact that another celebrity, who is actually a host of the noon-time show where that love team is a part of, tweeted back with not-so-vague reaction about her posts. One or two tweets would have been fine, but instead, he chose to fan the flames even more. Now the issue won’t die down; the media is having feast about it; people keep attacking Lea, and Lea deciding to take a semi break from Twitter. I really wanted to do something about it, but what else can I do? If I talk back, it will just make me look like I’m setting the fire ablaze, which won’t do me and her any good. So why should I?

I really hope that Allegiance does well in Broadway, and that she would get at least a Tony nomination for this. It’s the best revenge she could get from all those haters.




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