Puppy Love.

25th September, 2015. 12:15pm

Writing 101, Day 15: Take a cue from your readers

Remember the poll or contact form that you set up during week two to collect ideas from your readers? Write today’s post based on one of the ideas from your list. Be sure to give this reader a shoutout and link back to their blog.


Photo c/o: clicheloveblog.wordpress.com

Before I proceed with my assignment for today, let me just say that I’ve been awake for 26 hours now and counting so the edit button is off today.

11 days ago, we were asked to create a poll to ask people what we should write next, which I posted along with my Day 6 assignment, In the Red Room. In my post, majority of you (READ: TWO) said I should write something about love/friendship and since I can’t think of any friendship stories to tell right now, I’m just gonna have to go with a love story.

The question, however, is which one? I don’t have a lot of experiences when it comes to love, but I’m not innocent about it either. I guess I could start with the beginning, right?

I was 12 years old when I had my first taste of that thing called love. Actually, it was more of a heart break. It was during summer, and a boy from a basketball team that my Dad was handling threw a note at me saying, “I love you.” As a kid, I didn’t know a thing about relationships yet, but I remember getting so offended that he threw a paper at me. I read the note, but I threw it back at his face afterwards. I didn’t think he was being serious, so I ignored the note, thinking it was nothing.

A few days later, I received my first “love letter.” It was from him, and he was asking if he can court me. It’s a popular thing here in the Philippines; girls being courted. I know we’re still way too young for that, so I wrote back, telling him that I don’t want to be courted because I’m still too young to be in a relationship. He answered back, saying it’s okay, but asked for a picture. At that, I stopped communicating with him.

You’d think all the drama would end after that, but I was wrong. My parents discovered the boy’s letter and reprimanded me the next day, thinking I was having a relationship with a boy in our neighborhood before I even turned 6th grade. I remembered being inside the bathroom as I hear my parents argue to talk to the boy to stay away from me. I know I didn’t do anything wrong, but hearing that from my own parents felt like my heart was being ripped and crushed into a million pieces. I felt untrusted. How can they accused me of something without asking me about it first?

I didn’t love the guy, never had feelings for him, and even after they talked to him, they never asked me about it. Why? You’d have to ask my parents.

The second time I had a taste in “love” was during high school through college. However, unlike the first one, this time I knew I care about him. We didn’t become a thing, but I knew we shared something special.

However, just like the first one, someone fucks it up again and it ended before we even get to the good part. That someone was actually me.

I know. I feel ashamed to admit it, because it was only a few years later that I realized he might be the one that got away for me. I fucked it up, alright? And the sad part was, he’s married now.

The third time I tasted what love feels like was in 2013, when I had this thing with someone. I liked him for a long time before we officially became friends. This time, though, it was him who broke my heart. After making me feel special for about half a year, he went and told me to “not fall in love with him”. I didn’t know where it come from, or what I did wrong, but there he was, basically telling me to keep my feelings to myself. It was only after about a month or two that I found out he’s already in a relationship. I know it wasn’t in my place to feel anything, but I felt betrayed; I actually cried for days because of what he did.

It took me months to get over him; it still hurts a bit until now. But I know, whoever comes next, I’m more prepared. To what? I’m not sure exactly, but I know I’ll just face it head-on with my chins up.




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