The Dark Swan

24th September, 2015. 11:20pm


Once Upon a Time: The Dark Swan
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I just saw Once Upon a Time season 5 premier, “The Dark Swan” and OH MY GOD, it was amazing. Although I literally felt dizzy after watching the episode, it was, for me, one of the strongest season premiers we’ve had in a long time and this was saying something because of how much I loved seasons 1, 3 and 4 even though I just wanted to wring Adam and Eddy’s necks for ruining my ship for most of season 4, as well as killing Neal. But the season 5 premier, HOLY SMOKES! It was awesome! It left me so confused by the end of the episode, and all I ever wanted was to get to the next episode already, but oh my gosh! It was really that awesome! I don’t think I can conjure up more words right now other than awesome because it really was awesome!

**Okay, I sound like Henry now, don’t I?

But oh my gosh, Emma! I love her as the Dark Swan! And Merida! YAS! She was exactly like how I remembered her from the animated movie. I love Brave, so I’m glad they are doing justice to it. The actress that plays Merida got Merida’s accent right, as well as her attitude and everything. And the girl that plays young(er) Emma (not Abby Ross, but an even younger version), wow! I can totally see her growing up as the Abby Ross and Jennifer Morrison version of Emma Swan. I’ve always admired that about Once Upon a Time; their casting directors are SO good at finding the right younger versions for the casts.

And OutlawQueen! WOW. I love them more than ever! For a second there I thought Zelena was going to win again, but nah uh! I’m glad Regina one-up her! And Hook! Oh my gosh, Hook! I just wanted to put his hook in his face. WHAT A FREAKING IDIOT!

Oh, yeah, and there’s something for the RumBelle shippers, too! I hate RumBelle now because Rumple always fucks it up, but what happened was really sweet.

Ooh, and one more thing: I’m so impressed with Camelot. I don’t know if it’s green stage or blue stage but it looks very, VERY impressive. It looks like it was shot it a real castle!

I wish I could share with you where I got it from but I can’t. It’s a work thing. All I can say is that if you’re a ONCEr, you’re gonna love it!

At least that’s the hope.

PS: Listen to ONCEPodcast’s latest episode, Season 5 Hopes and Predictions, before Sunday’s season 5 premier! **I WROTE IT! 🙂





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