Of Sharpies and Post-Its

24th September, 2015. 2:55pm

Writing 101, Day 14: Recreate a single day

Today letโ€™s try something new: write a post that takes place during one single day.


Photo c/o: weddingobsession.com

PS: This is kind of a true story. Of course, the other POV was made-up, but the first POV wasn’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was at the bookstore, buying Sharpies and Post-It’s before the book signing, and while I was at the Post-It’s section, he suddenly came to me and says, “Hi.”

I looked at him, gave him a polite smile, then went back to picking out Post-It’s. After picking a Post-It, I moved over to where the Sharpies are, and started picking out pens. As I was sampling the pens, he came up to me again and once more, he says, “Hi” with a smile on his face this time.

I looked at him, smiled politely again, then headed to where Farber-Castell pens are. The same guy went up to me again, bid “Hello”, smiled, looking at me. I looked up back, raised my eyebrow, but gave him a smile once more.

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, communicating without actually saying anything to each other. I walked away to pay for the Post-It and pens, not looking back at the guy who has kindly said Hello to me three times in less than 10 minutes. After making a purchase, I turned into the last direction where I found him, not knowing what to expect, but hoping to find something. He was gone.

I walked out of the bookstore, excited to meet my favorite author, but feeling a bit disappointed about something I could’ve had but failed to do so.

I dropped by the bookstore to pass up time before I head home. Work last night blows. My lady boss was being a bitch again, not to mention my ex was bothering me again. I don’t understand. It’s been almost a year since she and I broke up; she was the one who ended it. I’ve never had someone after her; she messed it all up, and here she is, trying to grovel back at my arms. I don’t feel anything towards her anymore, but she can’t stop contacting me. I’ve cut ties with her, but when you’ve been with someone for two years, forgetting her phone number won’t be that easy.

Anyway, I was looking through some useless stuff that I will never buy when I saw her. She was at the Post-Its stand, sifting through Post-Its like her life depended on it. It was adorable, I knew I had to come say Hello, even if that would make her think I’m being a creep.

Although she smiled when I said “Hi”, I can see a hint of doubt in her eyes, and she was probably thinking I’m some crazy stalker or something. Good. That’s how I like my girl. Cautious, but still polite.

She left and went to check in some Sharpies next. I don’t know if it was just to get away from me or she was really buying some, but I decided to follow her. It was like something in me wants to follow this girl, protect her from God-knows-what. As she was checking some pens, I went to her side, wanting to finally introduce myself but all I managed to say was, “Hi.”

She looked up again, said nothing but a smile. I swear she thinks I’m probably going to jump her next, but she was composed, and moved away from me to go to the next aisle, where she continued picking some more pens. Maybe she was an artist or something?

“Idiot!” I silently told myself. How am I chickening out right now? Here was this lovely lady in front of me and all I managed to say was “Hi”? I turned around, inhaled deeply, ready to finally man up and introduce myself for real this time. Once again, I went up to her, and as she was writing something on a pad paper to see if the pen is working, I blurted, “Hello.”

HELLO?! What the actual fuck, man?! I swear, this girl is making me lose my words.

She looked at me once more, raised her eyebrows and smiled, moving away from me AGAIN. I swear, before she left, I heard her sighed and saw her shake her head. Now I’m positive she was thinking how creepy I am for following her. I turned around the corner to compose myself and gather some strength. After inhaling probably all the air in the room, I turned back, ready to face her once more but when I did, she was gone.

I looked everywhere in the store, but she was nowhere to be found. I felt my phone buzzed, but I ignored it. I gotta find this girl. I don’t know what’s with her, but I have to find her. I shall.




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