Longer Short Love Stories

22nd September, 2015. 01:00pm

Writing 101, Day 12: Play with word count

In today’s post, pay attention to the total length of your post: if you usually write posts under 500 words, aim for longer. If you tend to write a lot, be succinct.

Photo c/o: flickr.com

Photo c/o: flickr.com

I got this idea from a top ten my favorite radio show did a few days ago. The real challenge was to send in short love stories in 140 characters, but since this is WordPress, I decided to make 3 stories and make it longer, going for the 50-word story instead.

“Out of the closet”
“I was straight, but I fell in love with him. I wish I didn’t. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.” Pressy says.
“You know it’s gonna be a rough road for you since you’re both guys, right?”
“I know. But I can’t hide it anymore. I’m ready.”

“First heartbreak”
“Stop being so sweet. I might fall in love with you,” she told him via text. “Don’t,” he says, “you deserve someone better.” She cried ’til she falls asleep, hoping to forget about him. She distanced herself. Three weeks later, he texted, “I miss you.” Her heart breaks once more.

“The one that got away”
I recognized him from afar, but I pretended not to see him until he bumps into me. We looked into each other, not saying anything. As I was about to leave, he grabs my hand and hold it tight. I looked at him one more time, then let him go.

PS: All of these actually happened in really life. But whether it happened to me or someone else, I’ll never tell. 😉




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