When the curtain falls…

20th August, 2015. 11:17pm

NaBloPoMo, Thursday, August 20, 2015

What is the hardest part about learning a new skill? Do you enjoy a challenge or do you like things to come easily?


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I love learning new things, but sometimes, knowing something new frustrates the heck out of me… especially if it’s something I know I’m not good at. Like dancing.

I know. Bring on the humble pie. I’ve been a dancer since 1998, but I stopped around seven or eight years ago so I can focus on being a working girl. I loved dancing. I was supposed to take up Theater Arts twice—first after High School, and then right after graduating in College—but here in my country, “Dancer” as a job is impossible. Not because the job is scarce, but more like the pay sucks so bad. And between being a writer or a dancer, I know I have a better chance at making money by writing. Good thing I super love writing, as well. Unless, of course, you’re rich enough that it’s okay to earn P5,000.00 for a two-day concert (about 100USD). And no, some companies won’t even pay you during rehearsal periods.

This year, however, I decided to come back to my first love. I said yes and took the role of Choreographer for my College Alma Mater’s dance musical, which will be staged in January 2016. You know what scares me the most? What the hardest part for me is? It’s thinking of new choreography for a themed music. My colleagues keep telling me that I can do it, but I’m still having a hard time doing it. I know deep down I can do it, and I love a good challenge, otherwise I won’t take it. Still, there’s a voice inside me that keeps telling me I can’t do it and I hate that!

I guess the hardest part about learning a new skill is the not knowing part. If I could just have a full day off to think things through, maybe the creative juices inside my head will flow continuously. At least that’s the hope.




2 thoughts on “When the curtain falls…

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  2. Good post. I fear all about going to new direction. failure doesn’t scare me but bad supervising does, in the end I want to learn good. Anyway, I believe its a process, you’ll get there eventually:-) good luck

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