Guilty as Charge.

18th August, 2015. 11:13pm

NaBloPoMo, Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do you become partially responsible once you definitively know of wrongdoing?


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I’m not the world’s kindest person, and I’m so not miss goody two-shoes, either. But when something happens that I know I’m partially responsible of, do I feel bad? I wanted to say yes, because heck I’m a saint, but I won’t because quite frankly, there were times that I don’t feel the slightest remorse… especially when it’s happening to people I’m not particularly a fan of.

*Oh, come on. Don’t pull that “you’re so bad” crap on me right now. I’m pretty sure you’ve felt that yourself every once in a while.

However, if it was a wrongdoing that someone has to pay for even though it was I who should be held accountable for it, I do feel guilty as charge. Especially if it was someone close to me? Oh, dear. The look on their face is torturous, and those times were actually the ones that are harder to seek apology to. Truth be told, it’s the worse than the wrongdoing itself or letting someone else take the blame.




6 thoughts on “Guilty as Charge.

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  2. It takes a courage to apologize or show remorse. If the time has passed then repay in some other means, being nice or reward the person. It gives you self satisfaction. Afterall, you have learned your lesson and it’s alright to be not 100%perfect:)

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