Goodbye, Hiatus!!!

13th August, 2015. 10:45pm

Remember when I ask you guys for writing event recommendations? Well, I found one: Writing 101.

Hold your horses, this is not the old Writing 101 sponsored by WordPress. This is a brand new four-week writing course that encourages bloggers to write every day — explore new formats, new tools, and new topics. This is an all-new version of Writing 101, with completely new daily assignments.

Isn’t that exciting?!

I know it’s not happening ’til about 3 weeks later, but I’m already excited to do this. I have been checking things out for new writing events, even checking the Blogging University page for new writing courses, so I’m glad that they decided to come up with all-new version of Writing 101. Interested? Head of to their page to sign up now! **Yes, they are already accepting students. 😉







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