Bad Juju

13th August, 2015. 10:13pm

NaBloPoMo, Thursday, August 13, 2015

Are you annoyed by what you don’t know, or do you like a good mystery?


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I’m going to answer this question but before I answer that, let me ask you a question (*God, I hope this has anything to do with my answer later), have you heard that superstition about not fulfilling a promise to a dead person is bad luck? I don’t know why but I’m starting to think that that’s actually true.

Last May, my grandmother on my father’s side passed away. A few hours before she passed away, my Dad promised her that he will “kick HER out after the second baby’s christening.” Two months after my grandmother passed away and word is spreading that he’s saying that my grandma should just have to feel sorry because he couldn’t fulfill his promise. To be honest, it irritates the fuck out of me because, and this is what people say, he did ask the girl to leave, only that bitch begged him to let her stay. Now, if he really meant what he told his mother, and if he really want to change, wouldn’t he do anything to keep his promise? It’s just so irritating because why would he promise something when he knows he can’t keep it?

Now, I’m telling this story because recently, we found out that one of my uncles, his oldest brother, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. What’s worst is that my uncle is already giving up before he even found out if the cancer was benign or malignant. I actually just realized this now but, is it possible that all these is happening because my Dad is not keeping the end of the bargain?

Which brought me to today’s prompt. Am I annoyed by what I don’t know, or do I like a good mystery?

I gotta be honest, sometimes I do love a good mystery, but it also makes me cranky; Not knowing does. When I found out something and someone suddenly chickened out, it pisses the heck out of me. I hate not knowing when I knew something is up. It’s also why I rarely play on phone, especially those 4 Pics 1 Word kind of stuff. When I couldn’t figure out a riddle, it makes me crazy. If I forgot a name, a word, a phrase in a sentence, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. So yeah, I get annoyed by what I don’t know. Like, all the time.

Now, back to my earlier rant…

I know that we couldn’t dictate fate but what if it really has anything to do with my father? Does anyone here know something about these kind of things? If you do, please let me. I’d go crazy not knowing.




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