A Day in Mia-land… or Hogwarts.

05th August, 2015. 4:50pm

NaBloPoMo, Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If you could connect one-on-one with one expert, what would you want to learn?

JK Rowling reading HBP

J.K. Rowling reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to an audience in NY.
Photo c/o: accio-quote.org

There are a lot of people I could choose from, people that have inspired me since I was a kid, but if there is one person I really want to have a chat with, or live a day with, it’s Mia Michaels. Okay, so I lied. I can’t choose just one. I’d have to go with J.K. Rowling, as well.

It’s okay if you haven’t read nor seen the Harry Potter series. I wouldn’t force you to either, although it would be nice if any of you have read them. And if you have, you know what I’m talking about. I have read hundreds of books ever since I learned to read, but I have never been so obsessed about a series like I have been with Harry Potter. It’s not just because it’s a popular series, no. Although, yes, technically it was the movie that made me want to read it. It’s because of how J.K. Rowling penned it. Not only was it very well-written, it also changed my life forever.

What I love about J.K. Rowling’s writing skills is her ability to put meaning into everything she writes about. From the name of the character to the lines they say, up to the places they go to, everything holds a specific meaning. EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding. Even the villains on the series weren’t written just for the sake of; they were vital to the story.

Now, what would I want to learn if I got the chance to sit with Queen JKR or spend a day with her? I’d probably ask her how to do it. Or maybe I’ll just watch. Or chickened out. Breath in the moment. Watch her creative juices flow from her precious brain to the paper. Also, I’d like to know how I could come up with my own version of genius novel. Maybe I could write something and she can comment on every single word, and question every part of my being as to why I came up with what I have come up with. For a chance to get 1% of the tricks J.K. Rowling has up on her sleeve, I would do anything. Seriously. I’d even let Lord Voldemort use me as one of his horcuxes. Maybe.

Now, on to the next one. Mia Michaels. Oh, Mia, how I love thee. I love dancing, but most specially, I love contemporary dance. I found out about Mia Michaels because of So You Think You Can Dance, and it makes me so sad that she hasn’t come back on the show, but if I could spend a day with her, I’d use every single second to learn from her. Unlike what I’m going to do with J.K. Rowling, which is stand on the side and watch her do her thing, with Mia I’m pretty sure I won’t be sitting ducks. Absolutely not. Even though I know I will never be as good as the dancers she has come across, I don’t care! I will stand there, listen to her every word, do each and every routine she wants me to do. I will break my bones and stretch my body ’til it reaches the sky just so I can learn from the great Mia Michaels.

Aside from that, I would also love to sit down and have a little talk with her. I want to know how she come up with brilliant concepts. What’s her strategy? Where does she draw inspiration from? And most importantly, how does she makes her own choreography, which are often out of this world? You may not know her, but trust me, she is the QUEEN of Contemporary Dance. I have never seen someone with such a brilliant and creative mind as Mia Michaels when it comes to dancing. She is really just THAT good.

I know none of these will ever happen but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? I mean, you’ll never know… 😉




3 thoughts on “A Day in Mia-land… or Hogwarts.

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  2. I get it, I understand. I had to buy three copies of “Deathly Hallows”, one for each of my daughters and one for myself, because none of us could wait to read the book.

    There’s a professor at Fordham University, she teaches philosophy. Every spring she gives a class using the Harry Potter books as the starting point of discussion. You have to have taken other philosophy classes as a prerequisite. Serious stuff … except she decorates the room to look like Hogwarts and divides the class into four houses…

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    • Oh wow! I’d love to be in one of those classes, but can I pick my own house? I’m a Ravenclaw, at least according to Pottermore, which is as legit as we Potterheads can get. And you’re the best, simply for buying your daughters a copy of their own just so you all could read it at the same time. My sister resented Harry Potter, and the only movie she liked was GOF because she said that’s the only movie she understands even without watching the first three. But my hats are off for you, dear. I hope more parents are like you, who doesn’t mind if their daughters turn into a book nerd.😉



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