Dreamland: Sniper

(Date Written) 06th June 2015. 10:54am

PANews BT_P-08e6ac3a-be25-41b4-bbb5-f063013bd980_I1

Photo c/o: belfasttelegraph.co.uk

I was back in our high school dance room. No, we weren’t dancing, but there has to be a meeting or an event, because I saw a few relatives there.

We were sitting on the chair when we noticed a couple of police officers in the garden part just outside the dance room. Apparently, they were looking for thieves or something. When the thieves get up from the dirt, we screamed to the police officers. That’s when the gun shots started. Bullets firing everywhere, and it was doubly scary because the thieves started shooting us as well. I was scared not for myself (I have a human shield in front of me, but I don’t know who that is), I was more scared for my sister, because she was sitting at the front. I was crying so hard because I know she would be dead. When the thieves and the police left (I don’t know how many of them left), I rushed to my sister and check on her. To my surprise, she was very much alive. She said, when I went to her crying, “It’s okay. I’m fine. That’s now how bullets work.” And I find that weird, because I swear I saw her got shot a couple of times. Maybe she has superpowers or something?

I when went to the dressing room to wash my hands. When I entered the room, I saw a woman with a rifle aimed at me. I ducked just in time after she started shooting me. I don’t know why no one comes to my rescue, because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one this girl is shooting at. I was trying to crawl but the girl was taunting me, threatening me saying, “this time, I’ll make sure your dead.” I tried calculating my steps and while crawling, the gun woman keep firing shots. Geez, this bitch really wants me dead.

It was at that moment when I realized, “Ah, fuck it! I’m just gonna go out there and run for cover and hopefully I’m still alive when it happens.” I ran so fast, whilst trying to escape the bullets. The gun woman was so angry because she didn’t get me. She was mad I escaped unscathed. I know she was out there, but for now I was safe with the public. So I went on stage and joined my sister dancing something I have never danced before but knew somehow.

The dance lasted for about two or three minutes. Two to three minutes of looking into the crowd and trying to find my gun woman, but she was still nowhere to be seen. I don’t know what happened but towards the end of our dance number, I sort of felt that someone’s eyes are on me. I can’t see who; I just know. I went down and climbed the roof of the stairs so I can see the entire quadrangle. I may not have superpowers like my sister, or guns to protect myself, but I have a bird’s-eye view. I can see clearly now.

About the dream:

This is the second time in a week that I dreamed about someone being after my life. I don’t know what that is all about. Although I was glad I escaped those gun shots unharmed, I can’t wrap my head on the why. What the heck is going on and why me? I wish I knew the answers, but I really don’t.





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