Dreamland: Last Will

(Date Written) 08th June, 2015. 1:23pm


Photo c/o: wintterlaw.com

There was a box filled with letters and things discovered by my uncle. When he showed it to everyone, I immediately snatched it from his hands and hid it from people’s prying eyes. They can’t see it. It’s my farewell letter.

I don’t know what I wrote, or why I even had a box of that in the first place. But the people around me doesn’t even seemed concerned I was trying to write farewell letters. Perhaps they’re anticipating my leaving?

In the box, there were letters, photos and some cash; photos we haven’t even taken; money meant for something, not someone; letters aimed for my brother-in-law. Why write to him? I don’t know. We don’t even live in the same house, let alone same country.

I sealed the letter with a transparent tape, and put it back in the purple box where it belongs. I put it somewhere, hiding it from everyone to ever finding it again this early. I was just about to put it somewhere safe when I was yanked out of my dream….

About the Dream:

I don’t know what’s up with these recurring dreams. Why am I dreaming about my own death and last will and testaments? What the heck is going on???





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