Movie Review: Return to Sender

02nd June, 2015. 3:09pm

return to sender

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When someone wronged you, like truly hurt you physically and/or mentally, would you fight back? If you decided to, up to what length are you willing to do to get your revenge?

If there’s one thing Rosamund Pike is good at, it’s nailing the crazy lady. From Gone Girl to Return to Sender, Rosamund Pike is one heck of an actress!

I know that for some people, Return to Sender is a lot like Gone Girl. I even thought that myself. It’s almost a dead ringer for Gone Girl’s prequel. But after watching the film, I suddenly grew a bit of fear with those who work at the hospital; nurses, doctors, especially. Because when you wronged someone who works in the field of medicine, it wouldn’t be a surprised if they use all the knowledge that they’ve learned from studying medicine all those years. True, taking advantage of their knowledge to get back from the person who hurt them can cause their license, but it’s still scary as shit. And Rosamund Pike as the nurse-turned-Surgeon-to-be-turned-rape-victim proved how scary it is.

The thing is, the movie was actually predictable. I knew, from the moment she handed hospital food to the dog up to when she started asking William how the prison food was, what she would eventually do. It doesn’t have the gory details that Gone Girl had, but it’s still freaky. I don’t know, maybe I am just weird that way.

And the way it ended. I can’t believe they ended it like that! I would have wanted to see what happens next but, at the same time, I’m also glad that it did end that way. It made me ask a lot of questions enough to pop a nerve on my brain. And the title, kind of clever, as well. If you watch the movie, I’m pretty sure you’d understand why. At least I did.

I hope Rosamund Pike wouldn’t be typecasted because of Gone Girl and Return to Sender. She nails the crazy sociopath but I also know that she’s so much more than that.




11 thoughts on “Movie Review: Return to Sender

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        • Oh. Well, then. The moment I heard about her mentioning the food I knew she would poison the dog and him. Also, I thought the title was clever because “Return to Sender” is like a metaphor for seeking revenge (like, “you hurt me, I’ll hurt you back” = return to sender). At least that’s what it was for me.


          • Wow yeah so there was like a double meaning to it rather than just returning the letter. It actually makes so much sense! And yes when she mentioned the hospital and prison food, it was a foreshadow. What confuses me is why he didn’t answer how the food was. Anyways thank you!


            • I think his expression was a give away. Like he suddenly had a thought but chose to put it on the back of his mind. Also, I thought he’s such an idiot for thinking she will forgive AND fall in love with him that easily. Like, haha. NOPE.😈


  2. Thanks for this, it looks great! This is my kind of film. I’ve never heard of it before. I watched something similar although I guess a B grade version recently – Big Driver, a Stephen King short story about a woman (a writer of course πŸ˜‰) who is violently attacked and left for dead and she seeks retribution. It was good, visceral and dark but good.


    • I’ve never heard of it, too, until I saw the trailer on YouTube. Sometimes, I spend a good 60 minutes there just watching trailers.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



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