Book Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes

25th May, 2015. 4:40pm

My Heart and Other Black Holes quote by Jasmine WargaI seriously don’t know what else to say after reading this book because I feel like I’m already drained.
*breathing in…*
*breathing out…*
Okay. Hold up. Before anything else, can I just say what a novel, and GREAT JOB, JASMINE WARGA! Thanks for making me cry in the middle of the night.

There were a couple of times when I wonder about death and dying. I don’t know if I’m simply crazy, depressed or just being a drama queen, but you have no idea how many times I fancy dying. I don’t think I’m suicidal. At least not yet, but the thought enters my mind like a Last Song Syndrome every once in a while, especially when I’m going through a rough road.

When I started reading My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga, I thought Aysel and Roman really would end up doing it together. I guess I’m partly a morbid person, but a bigger part of me wishes to expect something out of the ordinary. That instead of turning it into a hopeful end by not making them jump off the cliff, they (or one of them) ended up dead or whatever. Like I said, I’m kind of morbid.

On the other hand, something Aysel said hit me like a lighting bolt; “I’m sad all the time.” I remember a particular time in my life when I feel exactly like Aysel; sad and blaming myself for something terrible that happened. Only, I was lucky because I found solace in writing and listening to music (mostly Lea Salonga’s). I guess, in a lot of ways I was a bit like Aysel, minus having someone like Roman, of course!

Despite the fact that it ended on a hopeful note, I like that it did. It shows how, if you only let your voice be heard by someone you completely trust—someone who wouldn’t judge you and/or steer you to the therapist’s way (**because, I mean, let’s face it – THERAPISTS CAN’T TREAT EVERYONE. Sometimes, you just have to find another way)—you can avoid letting that vortex of negativity suck you all the way in. You can win; let the light shine through and put you out of your misery in a good way. There’s hope in everything, if you just believe it. Don’t let that black slug live inside you forever and know, no matter how hopeless you think a situation or your life is, that there is someone out there that genuinely cares for you. They’re just waiting for you to open your mouth and let them know what’s going on. Or if you think no one cares for you and you can’t find someone to talk to, find another outlet then. Draw; paint; write. Trust me, it helps.




4 thoughts on “Book Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes

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  2. Great post. It’s a powerful image to describe depression as a black slug. I agree with you, there is always hope. Sometimes you have to be lucky, sometimes it’s a person or people around you, sometimes something else entirely. You just have to be able to recognize it and grab onto it. I hope you’re doing ok hun…x

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